Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner’s love story is cooking in Hollywood

Bradley Cooper
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When it comes to Hollywood, love chemistry foursome is no big deal because the fact is – even celebrities have got crushes, and some rumors make them blush hard. One such dish that stunned the internet with reality check tweets is – Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner are in a romantic relationship. This rumor swiftly spread through the media among public users and fans when Bradly Cooper and Jennifer Garner, along with Garner’s daughter, were captured in one of the very lucky paparazzi cameras at Malibu beach on 5th August 2020, Wednesday.

Jennifer Garner having an affair with Bradley
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On one hand, some fans are going crazy over the fact that this brand-new Hollywood couple will walk on the red carpet together soon. Yet, some fans are not happy with this non-confirmed news and want to dig into the truth.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner’s US Weekly statement

According to the recent Hollywood Gossip updates at US Weekly, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner are purely best friends forever. To begin with, fans often come across such assumptions as they see the silver lining between being close and sparking romance. This is what is happening to B and J! Fans are definitely hoping for an unintentional start of this love story in Hollywood. 

To the reader’s surprise, Jennifer Garner and John Miller’s relationship has fallen apart because Jennifer has got some commitment issues. After her unsuccessful marriage with Ben Affleck, it is without a doubt difficult for Garner to put herself in the same shoes. But, now that Bradley Cooper and Garner are hanging out, it seems like there might be more twist to the story than we know! Wink 

Bradley Cooper
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Above all, it is noteworthy to mention that Bradly Cooper’s not-so-prominent relationship with Irina Shayk has also come to an end. Not only us, but fans are even assuming that both celebrities’ break-up last summer is not a coincidence. Well! It may not be first sight love for Bradley and Garner, but it surely can be a type of love that grows unconditionally.

Alias – movie brought Bradley and Jennifer together

To the reader’s surprise, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner appeared in the cast of Alias. Without a doubt, the movie has a keen sense of love and romance between the two. It took a lot of time for Jennifer Garner to land on Bradley. Since 2002, she is falling for the wrong ones again and again.
In 2002, Jennifer married Foley. However, they divorced in 2004. Later, she comes across Vartan, and they hit-it-off right away. Sadly, the relationship didn’t go on for long. But of course, in Vartan’s words, “Jennifer and I were best friends, during (the romance) and after.” To be honest, it seems like Jennifer’s exes have not moved on at all.

Bradley Cooper and Jen
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Next comes Ben Affleck! When Jennifer Garner married Ben in 2005 after releasing two movies – Pearl Harbour in 2001 and Daredevil in 2003. When Ben and Jen married, it seems like a happy ending. Not only this but the couple holds the part custody for three children. Furthermore, both Ben and Jen share their part of care for the family with utmost sincerity. In 2018, unfortunately, Ben and Jen sought a divorce and successfully got it. In 2017, Affleck quoted Jennifer as the “world’s greatest mom” during a conversation with Ellen DeGeneres. 

Are Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner together?

Well! The answer to this question is not rigid. In one of the interviews, Jennifer Garner talked about Bradley saying that “I took him home and made him dinner… I am still making him dinner.” furthermore, she adds, “Bradley, what’s happening to you now is a pure joy to those who know you, especially those of us who’ve known you from the start.” “It turns out you weren’t just handsome all along. You were also wondering, and you are welcome at my table anytime.”

So, anytime soon, you can hear some wedding bells ringing.  Hopefully, Jen and Bradley will come to open about their growing love in public. Till then, stay tuned with us know more Hollywood Gossips!


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