Brands’ responses through the logo to the world situation


We live in a world of consumerism. We are surrounded every step of the way by thousands of brands. It’s great for consumers to have a choice, but it can be frustrating for companies to find new ways to market their products. Today, it is not enough to simply offer a high-quality product. You must show social responsibility and connect to the world.

The most influential companies worldwide rebrand in connection to significant events around the globe. It shows their importance and how they care.

Your logo is the face and identity of your business. It should reflect the essence and core values of your company. If it isn’t, it’s high time to make changes. As many of the most recognizable brands in the world do today, you can either supplement it or replace it.

It’s simple: Even if your logo was originally created for your store in 1995, that does not necessarily mean that it will look great on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Because social media is often the first to react to any significant situation, like Pride Month or Covid-19, it is crucial that you do this. For a logo to look appropriate on a Facebook or Instagram page, it must match. Most social media networks allow ordinary users the ability to add an icon to their profile.

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Coronavirus was the first. It was the one who gave an impetus to creativity. Many global brands began changing their image and offering advice on how they could comply with quarantine.

We’ll be looking at the most innovative advertising campaigns that major brands have used since the dawn of the coronavirus and continuing today. This article is co-authored by recognized logo experts,

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Let’s start by referring to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this period, many well-known companies like McDonald’s (McDonald’s), Audi, Coca-Cola, and Volkswagen joined an information campaign in an effort to stop the epidemic.

Brands from around the world creatively translated their logos in order to emphasize the importance to limit social contact and stop COVID-19 spreading.

Social distancing is primarily about maintaining a physical distance. Therefore, the visual identity design trend for 2019/2020 has been to remove fatty logo elements.

One division of McDonald’s in Brazil decided to display its isolation to customers by seperating the arches that form “M” in their logo. Osipa and DPZ&T collaborated on this issue.

Volkswagen, the Volkswagen concern, and Audi, its premium brand subsidiary, issued commercials in which the brands reminded fans around the globe that quarantine periods are a time to be closed.

Audi rings parted off in different directions and the distances between the letters V and W on the Volkswagen emblem increased considerably.

Burger King changed the slogan of a campaign it launched last December, from “Home of the Whopper to” to “Stay at Home.”

Coca-Cola Times Square New York increased the distance among the letters in their brand name.

These manufacturers wanted to remind people how important it was to keep them apart while in quarantine.

Pride Month

All around the globe, actions are taken in June to support the LGBT community as well as equal human rights and tolerance. Pride month is June. It is a time when not only individuals but also businesses show their support for the LGBT community. Its main symbol and logo is the Rainbow Flag, which can be adapted by companies to suit their branding needs.

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In support of the LGBT community, automotive companies staged a flashmob. Mercedes Benz (BMW), Toyota and Toyota all colored their logos with rainbow colours on social media. Jeep published photos of women kissing in front of a Jeep SUV.

BMW started the flashmob in which it colored the company logo with rainbow colors on its headquarters’ social networks. According to the press, all the brand’s supporters are united by their love and passion for driving. In the official accounts, there is no place to show hatred or disrespect.

Not only were influential brands supportive of Pride Month, they also supported U.S. sports teams. To show support for the LGBT community, Washington Capitals National Hockey League club changed its logo. The new logo featured a rainbow flag on an NHL stick.

Social Media

As we have already stated, social media platforms can be the first to react to major events in the world of politics, economics, and culture. The biggest players in this industry are constantly updating their features such as profile settings or statuary, adding or removing graphical elements. For example, the Pride Month features a rainbow flag on Instagram. Or, you could add “Social distance” banners to your Facebook profile picture.

Social media platforms were the first to adopt the conscious visual identity designs, which have made large companies all over the world follow the new progressive rules.

Modern marketing should include social responsibility. It helps to reduce indifference as well as increase awareness of the problem. It makes it possible to make changes for the good.


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