Brisbane Yamaha Reviews Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer

Brisbane Yamaha reviews

Are you thinking about buying a boat? Well, you need to be crucial about it, especially when you are buying a boat for the first time. There are various models available in the market. However, we are going to see Brisbane Yamaha reviews- Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer today.  

Quintrex 370 is one of the best boats right now. No matter if you are enjoying an adventure or fishing, this is the perfect model. The weight of this boat is around 98 kg, comes with 1.73 m beam. 

This beautiful model has long shaft transom and it is rated 25 hp max. So, it can easily carry three people. Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer includes rowlock blocks, front deck, anchor gusset, transom handles, and more. You can use this model for crabbing, estuary exploration, big river exploration, barra and bream.

Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer Features

There are some cool features of Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer. Let’s find out what makes this model unique below:

  • Ideal fishing boat for big rivers
  • Comes with a good bench seating
  • This model has a front deck, so you can operate everything easily
  • Quintrex 370 includes transom handles, anchor gusset, and glove box

Considering Factors Before Buying a Boat

Before you buy a new boat, you need to consider some important factors. When you are checking these considering factors, you will get a better deal.

  • Boat Type

The first thing you need to consider is the type of boat. Well, it depends on what you are going to do with your boat. There are various types of boat such as cabin cruisers, motor yachts, sailboats, and houseboats. If you are using the boat for fishing, Quintrex 370 is ideal. In fact, it’s good for enjoying a vacation. 

  • Boat Finance
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One of the most crucial considering factors is boat financing. Well, buying a boat is not only the issue, you need good finance for boat accessories, maintenance, and storage. So, make sure you are estimating finance before start shopping. 

  • Legal

Whenever you are buying a boat, you need to be careful of legal things. Make sure everything is registered to you. However, it depends where you are living. You can get help from a broker. In fact, you can talk to a lawyer who will help you with everything.

  • Insurance

Just like other vehicles, you have to make insurance for your boat. So, it can cover everything related to physical damage. Most dealers like Brisbane Yamaha provide insurance when you are purchasing. In fact, some dealers also provide insurance for accessories. However, make sure you are asking your dealer about boat insurance. 

  • Inspection

Another most essential considering factor is inspecting your boat before buying. It’s more essential when you are buying a pre-used boat. If you have good technical knowledge, you can easily inspect the boat. If not, make sure you are hiring a professional surveyor to inspect boats.

  • Storage

Storage is another important considering factor. While buying a boat, you need to think about where you are going to keep it. Some people want to keep the boat docked at the home port marina where some people want to keep it on a trailer. It also depends on the size of your boat. 


Finally, you know about the specialties of Quintrx 370 Outback Explorer. This is one of the finest boats for multipurpose use. If you are ready to buy it, make sure you are choosing a good dealer. You can contact Brisbane Yamaha as they are a leading dealer in Australia. For more details, you can visit their official site. However, if you are located in Europe and would want to consider other options for a boat, you can check out They have a wide selection of boats from all leading manufacturers.


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