BTS marks rebound date with new collection.

BTS marks rebound date with new collection.
BTS marks rebound date with new collection.

All through December 2019, the seven individuals from BTS — RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — dropped indicates about the forthcoming collection. At various year-end appears, the septet shared their difficult work would take care of soon enough. Also, during BTS’s acknowledgment discourse for Variety’s Group of the Year Award, RM affirmed new music.
“We’re right now dealing with our new music and our new collection,” RM said at the time. “We can hardly wait to impart them to you folks sooner rather than later. I trust you all are additionally eager to find what BTS has for 2020.”

BTS marks rebound date with new collection.
BTS marks rebound date with new collection.

Presently, just seven days into the new year, BTS stayed faithful to their commitment. What’s more, on Jan. 7, the South Korean band authoritatively uncovered the discharge date for Map of the Soul: 7. On Reverse, Big Hit Entertainment reported the new collection will be out on Friday, Feb. 21, with pre-orders beginning on Thursday, Jan. 9.
Subsequent to being fooled by BTS for the umpteenth time, ARMY started filtering through late recordings to check whether any of the individuals ruined the title without anybody taking note. Furthermore, the same number of BTS fans called attention to via web-based networking media, V apparently implied the Map of the Soul: 7 collections during Run BTS! Scene 89.
In the video, BTS played a game where one part is tested to draw one of their tunes, and the rest of the individuals need to figure the title. At that point around the 16:30-mark, Jin drew seven stick figures in a straight line with one additional stick figure remaining opposite the gathering.
The individuals speculated tracks like “No More Dream,” “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2,” and “Kid With Luv.” But nobody appeared to comprehend Jin’s masterful stream. At that point V was struck by an unexpected influx of motivation and made a speedy joke.
“Gracious, Kim Seokjin,” V stated, getting out his group’s name. “Is it the following title track?”
Promptly, BTS burst out giggling, collapsing over in their seats. J-Hope even applauded in response to V’s comment and the Run BTS! editors stated “regard” in the inscription. The appropriate response is then affirmed as “Icon.” Regardless, ARMY presently considers V’s to be as an allude to the new collection.
“Recall that BTS Run scene where Jin draws seven individuals with a bolt [pointing] to the individuals then taehyung said its the following title track,” one fan composed on Twitter. “ruler of spoiler.”
“Recollect that BTS Run scene where Jin draws seven individuals?” another fan tweeted. “They Literally were shouting 7 constantly yet no sHAdOWs.”

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