Building Your Own POS System

Building Own POS System

While owning a restaurant, beauty salon, shopping mall, or another similar facility, there could be multiple management and organizational issues. To cope with everyday routine one shall take advantage of POS platforms. Such software will allow managers to organize the work of staff members in a more efficient way, as well as to easily handle all daily operations and managerial duties. This article details building your own POS system.

Let’s learn more about point-of-sale instruments.

Advantages of POS solutions:

  • Possibility to speed up the client service. POS systems enable the automation of specific business processes which, in its turn, fastens customers’ service. Queues could be easily reduced.
  • Constant control over the business. The mechanisms in question give access to remotely check transactions, all records, and obtain diverse reports. This is how to keep an eye on everything that happens in your sales area.
  • Tools to manage clients’ loyalty. To please your customers it makes sense to think through different marketing initiatives, and POS devices are to facilitate the procedures.
  • A chance to enjoy helpful features. Every shop owner is looking for means to simplify inventory, control the balance, reduce paperwork, automate reporting, etc. POS solutions will easily cope with all those tasks.
  • Improved efficiency. All the points mentioned earlier result in higher efficiency of the staff members. Consequently, the profit grows.

After we’ve figured out why one should consider the creation of a POS system, let’s explore how to develop one.

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How to build a POS appliance

In the overall, you could purchase a point-of-sale instrument or make one. The choice depends on your business needs. What issues a POS platform is supposed to solve for you? Each POS mechanism consists of hardware and software. It’s not the most optimal approach to, firstly, get hardware and find the most appropriate software for it. Let’s get into details.

#1. Purchasing a Point-of-Sale platform

In case you’re not sure whether to make a POS solution, you can choose a quick way and acquire a ready-made device with everything necessary already installed. The only action you’ll need is to customize it. 

We shall figure out the details of such an approach.


  • Prompt beginning. No need to waste time since you’ll only have to adapt the instrument and plug it in to start taking advantage of your POS appliance.
  • Simplicity in application. As a rule, such solutions are designed to be intuitive and easy in operation.
  • One-time investment. You need to invest money into the purchase only once, then, you can enjoy all the features it delivers.


  • Not flexible enough. If you go for ready-made systems you shall understand that they’re not as flexible as you wish for. Thus, individual customization will be required.
  • Obsoleteness of the technology. It’s pretty clear that technologies get eventually outdated, so you’ll have to take care of the issue by yourself, cos there’s no support to help you out. The process of updating will require extra funds.

#2. Software subscription

There’s another way out in case you’re not planning to purchase a Point-of-Sale platform due to some reasons. Why don’t you simply resort to skilled POS software suppliers? You can find reliable people and subscribe to those services. That could be arranged on an ongoing basis.

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Those providers can also advise you what hardware you could choose to make sure it matches the software you apply.


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