Bungie’s New “Non-Destiny Game” to be Release by 2025

Bungie's New
Bungie's New "Non-Destiny Game" to be Release by 2025

For the very initial time since they evacuated the Halo franchise, Bungie has been talking regarding the games that are not Destiny – but they would not be out soon.

Bungie is the master of additional chances. In 2000 they were purchased by Microsoft and that seemed to ensure them a life of giving rise to nothing but Halo games.

But the developers started being restless at constantly laboring on the same franchise and evacuated to become an independent studio again in 2007.

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They then strolled straight into the arms of Activision, for a publishing contract for Destiny and its sequel. But when that connection started to go bitter last year they walked away again, taking over custody of the franchise for themselves.

Bungie's  New "Non-Destiny Game" to be Release by 2025
Bungie’s New “Non-Destiny Game” to be Release by 2025

Their proposals after that have been a little uncertain but while they have committed to more Destiny 2 growths and a free-to-play version, they appear to have no intention of making Destiny 3 before 2022. But they have substantiated they want to make extra non-Destiny games.

Bungie never precisely said that Destiny 3 would not be out before 2022, but since they possess a five-year roadmap for Destiny 2 that would expire that year there does not seem to any time for it prior to then.

But in aa modern interview with IGN, Bungie CEO Pete Parsons disclosed that the company’s all-around goal was to evolve to be ‘one of the world’s best entertainment firms by 2025.

‘By 2025 we have a pretty particular path to make sure we renovate Destiny and that we possess other firms within the marketplace’, said Parsons.

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And if that was not unambiguous sufficiently, he added that they needed to build their publishing group, but a fraction of their vision was also to become a multi-franchise entertainment firm.

It is not clear whether the job has begun on any modern games, but Parsons indicated that they would be at least relatively identical to Destiny in terms of requesting a persistent online world.

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