Business on Whatsapp – Everything you need to know about starting a business on Whatsapp


Times are gone when a start up business requires space and offline assets. In today’s world, to start a business is as easy as you want it to be. That’s right! In the past few years, you must have heard small scale businesses developing on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. However, the idea of “Business on Whatsapp” seems impractical to entrepreneurs who restrict their business minds to inside-the-box. 

Introduction to Business on WhatsApp concept

If you sit and explore the world-class features of Whatsapp from a entrepreneur’s point of view, there’s no social media platform that can promote and run a business better than Whatsapp. How? Well! You will learn all about business on whatsapp in this in depth researched reading. 

To begin with, by definition, Whatsapp Messenger is a communication or chat-based mobile application that works on PCs as well as Smartphones. Currently, Whatsapp is owned by Facebook Inc. At the early stage, whatsapp was simply for the benefit of users in order to communicate easily. Whatsapp App does not demand talktime, mobile balance, or SMS Balance. It operates using Internet connection. Nowadays, people run business on whatsapp by implementing very unique, yet, effective business strategies and tricks.

It is noteworthy to mention that several already-existing businesses also put their business on Whatsapp for swift growth and brand awareness. 

So, are you ready to put your business up on whatsapp and receive clientele/customers for your business without any potential barriers? We are bringing you a guide to start business on whatsapp api!

How to start business on Whatsapp?

If you are wondering that whatsapp for business is an entire different software, well! That’s quite it. Whatsapp Original Api has itself now expanded to serve businessmen and newbie entrepreneurs online. Currently, whatsapp is used by 68.1 million people in the United States alone. Now, Whatsapp has brought different versions for different purposes. For example, to use whatsapp on your PC – you need to download whatsapp web. Similarly, if you want to run business on Whatsapp – you need to download WhatsApp Business App. 

So, let’s move on to our first step of starting business on Whatsapp Business Api:

Download WhatsApp for Business App

WhatsApp Business App is currently available for Android as well as iPhone Smartphones. To begin with, simply Whatsapp download would be less effective for your business. But, on the other hand, WhatsApp business features are solely made for the benefit of small scale businesses. To download the App directly – visit here

You can also search for WhatsApp Business Api on Google Play Store and App store for iOS. 

Set up your Whatsapp Business Profile

Once you have downloaded Whatsapp Business App, it is time to start your business on Whatsapp by setting up your profile. First of all, your profile should be attractive. Even though you start your business small on whatsapp, it does not mean that you should keep your efforts limited. Indeed, you should go out of the box in order to fulfil your whatsapp business profile with elements of brand promotion, client testimonials, and whatnot! 

Check out the following instructions to set up your business on Whatsapp profile:

  • Sign up by entering your business contact number. 
  • Enter OTP (one-time-password).
  • Verify your business on your Whatsapp account. 
  • Now, start setting up your profile by adding the following information:
    • Business Name
    • Contact Number
    • Business Address

Now, you have successfully set up your profile for business on Whatsapp. However, to start a business, there are profile components to focus on. 

Adjust Business Settings

Here’s a fun fact – “Business on Whatsapp features” are going wildly popular because of their mind-blowing messaging tools. Yes! Now, whatsapp for business manages your communications on Whatsapp with your valuable customers through very general but effective setups. 

In your whatsapp for business app, you can set up three types of automatic-reply messages for your profile. 

  1. Away Message
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To begin with, “Away Message” is a type of message that your whatsapp automatically sends when you are away from the keyboard or simply, closed. By setting up this message, you can automatically inform your customers that you are currently not available for business. Furthermore, you can also add when they can contact you again via whatsapp. 

2. Greeting Message

As the name suggests, a Greeting Message on Whatsapp Business is a type of message that automatically sends greetings to a customer in reply, if the customer is connecting with you for the first time in a while. A greeting message assures a customer that his/her request is acknowledged. And thus, it keeps these customers satisfied and heard. 

3. Quick Replies

In Quick Replies, you can add short replies such as “I will call you later,” or “We are not currently in service,” or “Please contact me on this number again.” These quick replies help you to save time and energy by simplifying clicking on a quick reply that seems appropriate to you. 

What are you using Whatsapp Business for?

One of the most significant things to decide in the first place is – the purpose of Whatsapp Business. Some businessmen use Whatsapp Business accounts to receive orders online. On the other hand, some businesses use whatsapp to transmit time and venu updates to the customers. For example, popular businesses such as Zomato and Swiggy use Whatsapp business profiles to deliver order updates such as order track links, new offers, and nearby restaurant updates. 

Similarly, Ola and Uber use whatsapp business profiles to send driver’s name, contact details, and trip update on whatsapp. This helps the users to  easily access significant details. 

Hence, you can also make a list of services that you want to offer to your customers via Whatsapp. 

Manage your customers by “Label”

Whatsapp for Business along with its high-end Whatsapp Features allow you to label your customers by their purpose. For example, you can label customers such as – “product name – new customer.” 

Check out the following steps to add label for a customer: 

  • Go to the customer’s chat for whom you want to add a label. 
  • Now, click on the Menu and select “New Label” option.
  • Enter the label and click on the “Save” button.

For adding more specifics in a chat, you can also add labels to chat messages. To do so, simply tap and hold on a message. Click on the New Label option. Enter text and save. Now, you can find a message and see its purpose by viewing its label. 

Tips to start business on Whatsapp 

  1. Create a Seperate Team

Likewise digital marketing of the company demands a separate department and complete focus of people, you can also design a separate team for Whatsapp Business. That’s right! This seperate team will focus on the customers who are trying to reach you through whatsapp.

In 2020, due to Covid-19 pandemic, customers all over the world are living in quarantine.  In between this global lockdown,  your company’s social support via Whatsapp can indeed help some customers in urgent need.

2. Design Whatsapp Business Groups

One of the best Whatsapp features is – group creation.  Yes! Your business can highly benefit by creating different groups in Whatsapp Business Api profile. You can name groups as Sales, marketing, content, advertisement, Taxes, and Finance. 

Since 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has globally promoted the culture of work from home.  So, using these Whatsapp groups, you can easily keep up with your need to be in direct contact with your employees who are working from home. 

By using whatsapp groups, you can process department meetings, discussions,  and even review past discussions to find out important factors concerning everyone’s performance. Above all, designing whatsapp groups is very easy. All you need to do is – create a new group 》 Name your Group 》 add group participants 》 Start Discussion. 

3. Got it? Promote it…

Do you know? A news on Whatsapp goes far and beyond your thinking. Yes! You hear us right. In the world of whatsapp, messages pass from one group to another and this pattern goes on. In this way, you can promote your brand by putting your brand’s name and information into this pattern.


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Not only this but you can also create or simply purchase a whatsapp database from digital marketing organisations.  These organisations have an amazing grip of Business on Whatsapp skills. Therefore, these companies track and promote your product to those Whatsapp groups and individuals who seem actually interested in your product or may-be looking for a substitute.

4. Examine Whatsapp businesses among your Competitors

Every business has some high-end competitors in the market. There is a 50% chance  that if you are thinking of starting a business on Whatsapp, your competitor may have already been running his Whatsapp Business. Now, this can lead to so many advantages for you. For example, you can examine the strategies of Whatsapp business that your competitor is applying.  Further, you can upgrade these strategies for your benefit.

All you have to do is – Think Smart. 


In conclusion, business on Whatsapp is trending like fire these days. People are eager to connect with the authorities in the easiest way possible. Now, using whatsapp features,  you and your customers/clientele can communicate without investing in any additional resources. And this is what today’s public demands!


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