It’s Showtime- Call A Word Duel With Your Friends For This Winter

Call A Word Duel

Winters are lazy months, where you simply want to stay under your cozy blanket and let the day pass by. Things get worse when there’s heavy snow outside, and you don’t have the option but to stay indoors. Snow days can be fun for the first few days. But after a certain point, it becomes unbearable to be locked up inside the four walls of your room. It’s best if you can predict snow days beforehand and be ready with the necessities to keep you entertained during these times. To do so, you can either use a snow day school calculator or check the hourly weather forecast of the previous night. The best part about snow days is the number of indoor games that you get to play. Are you a vocabulary game lover? If yes, then why not challenge your friends in a word duel this winter! Word games can keep players transfixed in the game for a long time, thus allowing you to smoothly pass your time and better yet learn new words during the process. Choose from the following popular word games to call a word duel with your friends.

  1. Scrabble Go

 If you like the classic word game Scrabble, then you may love Scrabble Go because it comes with new and updated features. Scrabble Go is the modern version of scrabble with fun graphics and interesting new features. The game boasts of a number of game modes such as the “practice mode” that allows you to play with a girl named Zooey so that you can brush up your skills without your friends knowing.

Tip: If you are a beginner and wanted to find all possible scrabble dictionary words use a Scrabble Go word finder.

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The game provides a level playing field for all types of players with its new set of helpers and hinters like tile swap, scrabble scholar, and word finder. Scrabble Go also features weekly tournaments like “tumbler” where players have to find the highest scoring word on a given rack of letters, or “rush” where players play a timed solo game and experience complete control of the board and strategize the game to score the highest. There are also a number of boosts available for players during the game, such as “rack swap,” “word spy,” and ” quick word.” Scrabble Go comes with many other features that help even beginners to score high in the game.

2. Battle text

Just like the name rightly suggests, this fast-paced game is all about fast vocabulary typing. If you and your friends are interested in training your brain, increase the speed of texting, or ready to stretch the limits of your vocabulary, then this is the game for you all! Battle Text allows you to compete with your friends on who can type words that are longer and faster, thus scoring more points.

You can connect to your friends via Facebook and play the game anytime you like. You even have the option to play solo and hone your skills before going into the battleground with other players. The game is easy in the beginning, but it becomes more challenging as you level up. There are rounds where you have to type words starting from the last letter of your opponent’s previous word, which can be quite difficult to do in a short span of time. There are also rounds where few letters are completely removed from the keyboard or specific letters that you need to use to make a word. Your group of friends can keep learning fresh new words every day with Battle text.

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3. Wordox

Wordox is a faster-paced, multi-player word game that superficially resembles Scrabble. But this game comes with added fun and quirkiness because of its interesting game rule. Each player gets a communal tile rack with every tile having the same scorning points. Yes! That’s right! Unlike scrabble, every letter in Wordox is worth one point. You may want to use a site like scrabblewordfinderguide for finding scrabble words along with calculated points.

Another interesting feature is the ability to steal your opponent’s points and letters by crossing your opponent’s previous word. The game is won by the first person to cross the 25 points mark. The game is played on a 9×9 board and comes with special squares located on the corner vortex spaces. By placing a word in the squares, players are rewarded with collectible stars, which can be redeemed for more points. The side-effect of this move is thrashing all of your opponent’s stars and starting a new board game altogether.

Upon conclusion call a word duel, playing word games with friends during the winter season is a great way to make good use of those long boring hours. The above word games are popular among gamers who love to brush up their vocabulary skills and get the competitive spirit high.



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