Call of Duty Black Ops 4 latest updates


Honorable obligation Black Ops 4 has refreshed its 1.22 fix notes for PS4. Treyarch has uncovered the fix notes. The new update has commenced with its new levels of remunerations and substance for all models.

Treyarch presented the fix notes on twitter and said that activity Apocalypse Z: Survivors is currently live on PS4. He said that the update will give new game substance in Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombie, in addition to 60 new levels of stash. Here are some significant updates:


The Infected: Final Stand is added to the game. In this mode, players begin with an assigned group of survivors. The battle versus Zombies. The survivors have one life yet they can be resuscitated.\

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Anyway, zombies have a constrained pack of life. The principal group to win four rounds will be again triumph. The survivors need to make due till as far as possible or to execute all zombies.

In the weapon’s segment, support for M16 strategic rifle and Havelina AA50 expert marksman has been included. Bugs have been fixed. The Daemon 3XB MasterCraft leveling bug has been fixed.

Power outage

The new restricted time mode has been included. In this mode, 80 players contend to endure the end of the world. Squads will drop and battle to remain alive against the challenge.

In the event that any player passes on, he/she will get changed over to a zombie. The zombie players have some particular capacity. They can run quicker, bounce higher, make due submerged for long, no fall harm and so on.

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Beam firearm MKII will be accessible in riddle boxes. The entrance has been added to the Ray weapon which will impact the swarms all the more productively. New weapons have been included for the Zombies. Some of them are Reaver C86, Argus and locus.


New stash grants have been added to the PS4 variant. It incorporates an Ultra weapon pay off, new epic outfits, signals, responsive camo, bounce pack, calling cards and so on. The agreement reward rate has been expanded.


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