Camila Cabello Exclusive ‘Cry For Me’ performance In ‘SNL’ : Fans Reactions and Reviews


Following in the strides of season opener Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello didn’t disillusion as she gave the music to Oct. 12’s scene of Saturday Night Live.

While the “Havana” hitmaker didn’t have lover Shawn Mendes close by to give an interpretation of their diagram besting two-part harmony “Señorita,” Cabello gave the group of spectators a sample of her freshest singles — and it’s sheltered to state that she went hard and fast for the presentation.

The video of Camila Cabello’s SNL “Weep For Me” execution will return you to the age of the French bourgeoisie with its Marie Antoinette vibes, and the visual and elaborate components are so on point.

Camila Cabello Exclusive ‘Cry For Me’ performance In ‘SNL’ : Fans Reactions and Reviews
Camila Cabello Exclusive ‘Cry For Me’ performance In ‘SNL’: Fans Reactions and Reviews

While I’ll concede that I didn’t have the foggiest idea what’s in store from Cabello’s Oct. 12 presentation on SNL, the 22-year-old passed up comparing the enthusiastic verses from her single “Sob For Me” with the hardened tastefulness and refinement of the French Revolution.

The artist and her artists were spruced up in Marie Antoinette-Esque outfits and suits, sumptuous adornments, and coiffed up-dos as they shimmied around the phase with fans, giving a quite enormous takeoff from Cabello’s go-to stylish.

The artist presently can’t seem to discharge a music video for her ongoing track, so it’ll be intriguing to see whether she draws motivation from Versailles by and by when that visual backup makes its introduction for her subsequent presentation of her most up to date track “Simple,” the songstress changed gears totally with a look that was more in accordance with the M.O. that fans have generally expected.


Cabello wore her hair out and wore a sentimental white silk dress with thigh-high cuts on the two sides as she belted out the private verses, which, let’s face it, are about Shawn Mendes.

While Mendes has been somewhat progressively bashful when gotten some information about subtleties of their relationship, he affirmed that their cherished up appearances were “unquestionably not an exposure stunt” and that he’d just met his supposed sweetheart’s folks.

While both still can’t seem to authoritatively formally affirm that they are without a doubt a couple, I’m speculating that their mid-year sentiment is going solid into binding season making a decision from Cabello’s lovey-dovey “Simple” verses.

As such, I’ll unquestionably be depending on observing a lot more Shamila sightings in the coming months.

IMHO, Saturday Night Live has been hitting it out of the recreation center this season with their melodic excitement, and it would appear that they’re proceeding to add to their strong lineup with the next scene’s appearance.

As indicated by a tweet shared by NBC on Oct. 13, Chance the Rapper is scheduled to get everyone’s attention by facilitating and performing on Oct. 26, so I’d check out observe what’s certain to be an extraordinary scene.


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