Can Security Guards Detain You or Touch You?

Security Guards Detain

Any business has premises a place where ensuring the safety of people and property is of particular importance. That is why security guards in Australia for commercial facilities are so important with the physical presence of employees inside the building, ensuring security from criminal acts and emergencies using technical means of monitoring and video surveillance. Can Security Guards Detain ?

Organization of security is a complex of complex measures, as a result of which you get complete confidence in your security. It is always a question of whether security guards are allowed to touch you? Just remember what is prohibited to do for guards: Security Guards Detain 

  • The guards have no right not only to use force against you but even to touch you. They know this very well, but they hope that this moment is unknown to you. At the very beginning of the conversation, show the guards that you are well aware of their modest powers;
  • The guard has no right to detain you or somehow restrict your freedom of movement. All he can do is call the police squad;
  • There is not a single case provided by law when a guard can search you. The maximum that is available to him is to politely ask you to show the contents of the bag. You can also correctly refuse him and the question on this should be considered settled.

The powers of private security guards are limited by the duties of protecting objects and property, ensuring intra-object and access control, and protecting the life and health of citizens. Candidates for the position of security guards undergo a mandatory special check and appropriate training.

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What are the Responsibilities of a Security Company?

The effectiveness of a particular hired security guard is determined in accordance with their status, the number of duties, and the right to carry and use firearms. Private security organizations are considered the most effective and efficient way to protect objects. The security guard can’t touch you, but they are responsible for:

  • require staff and visitors to comply with intra-object and access control;
  • allow persons to enter objects with a pass regime upon presentation of documents giving them the right to enter or exit, enter or leave vehicles, bring in (import) or take out (export) property;
  • to inspect incoming or outgoing vehicles at facilities with access control;
  • provide assistance to law enforcement agencies.

Improvised means are used to protect objects. These include engineering security equipment, electronic and technical protection systems, operational communication systems, integrated security systems, and other modern devices.

In order to choose the right company, it is necessary to determine the functional responsibilities and services that are presented to the enterprise. The appearance and content of the protection is an important characteristicі of the company, affecting the entire image of the company. Physical protection of objects ensuring the safety and security of security guards directly at the object. Only the physical protection of objects makes it possible to instantly respond to an illegal situation at the protected object.


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