Can SEO Help Catapult Your eCommerce Business?


Small business owners are taking greater interest in SEO because it can be a highly effective online marketing strategy. SEO could help them achieve their business goals, increase their online visibility and attract more visitors to their ecommerce websites.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing strategy that helps to ensure that your business website ranks well in search engines. The idea behind SEO is simple—make sure your bigcommerce development site is easy for search engines to find and index, and make sure the content on your site is tailored to the topics that people are searching for. More often than not, when people search online for products or services, they type in a few keywords that describe what they’re looking for. These keywords are called “keyword phrases,” and it’s important to use the right ones because these are the words that lead people directly to your website.

As discussed in a number of Kevin Miller podcast interviews, Search Engine Optimization is a real boon to small businesses and can be especially helpful to eCommerce sites. SEO helps to build awareness of an online business, and in this way can help it gain new customers and increase sales.

There are many ways that SEO can help your eCommerce business. First, it will boost your rankings on Google, which means more people will see your website and products. Second, with more visibility comes more inquiries. People will be able to find you and ask you questions about your products—and that’s where sales happen! More traffic can also mean more conversions and more sales. With higher rankings and more traffic, you’ll also be able to charge higher prices; some people will even pay extra just to get a product from a higher-ranking site! Finally, the extra traffic may mean an increase in repeat customers or referrals. You never know when someone looking at your website might become a customer in the future—or refer someone else who becomes a customer!

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During a recent Kevin Miller podcast interview, he stressed that content is key. The most important part about eCommerce SEO is making sure that your site has good, original content on it. You want to ensure that you are offering high-quality information. This isn’t the same as just trying to jam the keywords you want people to look for into your website copy; you need to actually think about how those words will help your users better understand what you are offering them.

The next step in eCommerce SEO is picking the right keywords to target. Keyword research will help you choose which ones will work best for your audience. Once you’ve found some relevant keywords, make sure that they are used in your metadata and title tags. Your title tags should also accurately describe what people will find when they click on them.

With solid content and optimized metadata, you can begin working on ranking your site in search engines like Google as outlined during a recent Kevin Miller podcast interview. For the best results, you will probably want to hire an experienced SEO professional who knows all the tricks of the trade. Kevin Miller podcast interviews outline how to better optimize your eCommerce website to get the most out of your SEO content. 

While SEO is most commonly associated with driving traffic to websites, it can also be used to increase sales on existing websites. When you have a well-optimized site, the benefits of SEO can directly benefit your eCommerce business. For example, when people search for a product on Google, or any other search engine, they will often see your website at the top of their results. This means that more potential customers will see your products and can be directed to your site. With an optimized site, you can make sure that potential customers are able to find exactly what they’re looking for. Even if they don’t find exactly what they are looking for, chances are that they will still click through to your site and may end up buying your product or service. When people get to your website through Google or another search engine and are able to find exactly what they are looking for on your website, this is called “conversions”. Your goal should be to create as many conversions as possible. The better you optimize your website and increase conversions, the more money you’ll make from eCommerce sales.

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SEO is a great way to get the word out about your business as described on a recent Kevin Miller podcast episode. Getting high rankings on search engines for relevant keywords is a great way to establish credibility for your e-commerce business, and can help you attract more customers and increase sales.

What’s great about SEO is that it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to do it right. There are some basic best practices to follow, but they’re fairly simple and easy to implement. Once you’ve got that down, you just have to wait for the results! 


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