Can You Find A Casino Utan Spelpaus And How To Do It?


The Swedish gambling market has always been interesting, thanks to the restrictions imposed, restrictions you cannot see or hear about in other countries. The Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) is responsible for regulating and controlling both the land and the online gambling world, and they’ve come up with a set of restrictions that allow them to do so. If you ask the players, some of those restrictions seem a bit over the top, but the authorities are adamant at controlling this market in an effort to prevent gambling addictions and similar issues.

While the SGA is fighting hard to control, players are fighting hard to find ways to avoid such control. Spela utan spelpaus, or playing without the self-exclusion program that is big in Sweden is one of their main goals. But what exactly is spelpaus and how does it work? And, more importantly, can you find a casino in Sweden that isn’t subject to this particular restriction?

What Exactly Is Spelpaus?

Let’s find all of that out, i.e. get answers to all the questions one at a time. First, what exactly is spelpaus? As you know, the online gambling industry is no longer monopolized by Svenska Spel, but all operators still have to undergo certain assessments that will make them eligible for getting a license to operate in this country. What does spelpaus have to do with it?

Well, the assessment process consists of checking if the private operators meet certain criteria for being licensed. Spelpaus is one of the criteria. If a casino doesn’t have this self-exclusion program in place, it won’t be approved for operation in Sweden. So, as a licensing agreement, spelpaus cannot be avoided, given that a casino absolutely has to have it in place in order to even get a license in this country. How does it work, though?

It’s a program that allows players to voluntarily block their access to certain games and stop receiving marketing information from Swedish online casino websites. Once you register for it, you won’t be able to access your gambling accounts until the self-exclusion period has expired. The minimum self-exclusion period is one month, but you can also choose to be blocked for 6 months, or even until further notice. This is another method that the government is using in an effort to prevent dangerous gambling behavior and addictions, and the fact that the players are voluntarily registering for it makes it a fair solution.

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That’s why it’s said to promote responsible gambling:

One of the spelpaus disadvantages lies in the fact that there’s no option for blocking a part of the games and still having access to the rest of them. It blocks pretty much everything. Furthermore, if a player changes his or her mind, there’s absolutely no way to go around the restriction that they have self-imposed, which is another reason why gambling fans aren’t really that enthusiastic about spelpaus. It has a certain purpose, but it also has its faults, and a lot of players are, thus, searching for casinos that don’t have this program integrated in them.


Can You Find A Casino Utan Spelpaus?

Can you actually do that? Can you find a casino utan spelpaus, i.e. without that self-exclusion program? You might have self-imposed some restrictions only to regret it later, or you may want to avoid this program altogether for any other reasons. Whatever the case may be, you’re wondering is Sweden can offer you casinos without this specific feature. Well, no, Sweden can’t.

I’ll be more precise. Sweden can’t offer this option simply because spelpaus is, as explained previously, a licensing requirement that operators need to pass so as to get a license. You can, however, search for those casinos that aren’t licensed in Sweden, and still play on them from the comfort of your Swedish home. So, while this country doesn’t allow casinos to register utan spelpaus, the thing is that players can opt to register on some of those online gambling websites that don’t have a license in Sweden and that, thus, don’t have those self-exclusion programs. On top of it all, it’s legal to do this.

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Why would you even do this, though? Apart from avoiding spelpaus, explained in details by this useful source, there are some other benefits to look forward to if you decide to play on an online gambling site that isn’t licensed in Sweden. If you know anything about the gambling rules in this country, then you also know that the self-exclusion program is not the only requirement the casinos have to meet in order to be licensed, i.e. it’s not the only restriction that is imposed both on the operators and the players. There’s also the lack of registering bonuses, as well as the deposit limitations to follow. And, you can avoid all of those if you choose to play in a casino that doesn’t have a Swedish license – in a foreign one to be precise.

How To Do It?

If you’ve decided to play utan spelpaus and to go around all of those other restrictions that the SGA is imposing on all players, then you’ll want to play on those online casinos that don’t have a Swedish license, and you’re wondering how to do it. As I’ve already mentioned, doing this is completely legal, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the rules. All you need to do is find those casinos that offer you the option of playing in Sweden, while not being registered in that country, and then choose one of them to create your account on. Careful choosing is a must, though.

This is because you still need the casinos to be licensed. Sure, not by Swedish authorities, but definitely by some others, because the lack of a license is a bad sign. If you don’t want to fall for scams, you’ll choose a licensed gambling website, as well as a reputable and trusted one that has been in the industry for quite some time already. Once you’ve found a casino like that, you’ll just have to create your account and begin playing without any restrictions.


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