Canada Bans Cruises Until October to Reduce COVID-19 Spread

Canada bans cruises right through October to reduce COVID-19 spread

Canada bans cruises that carry more than 100 people during overnight operations. The transport minister, Marc Garneau, reported that he is committed to protecting Canadians during the challenging time of the COVID-19 outbreak. He also said that they’re updating rules of cruise ships for this reason. There will be limitations and rules for every passenger’s vessel while large cruise ships are prohibited from operating till October 31.

Canada bans cruises

The first ban on cruises in Canada was levied in March. It stated that ships with more than 500 people on board will not be able to dock in the country before July 1. The transport minister’s updated measures will extend the time and tighten the ban. From July 1, the local authorities are allowed to set rules for other passenger vehicles carrying less than 100 people.

Currently, Canada has 91,647 people infected by COVID-19 and 7,325 death. While the country has banned cruising till fall, CDC’s no-sail order will expire on July 24 in the US. Major cruise brands like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, and Disney will push their sailing suspension right past that date.

Canada COVID-19 cases

The number of COVID-19 cases in Canada is going on increasing even while people are following rules. They are currently the 13th most affected country in the world. There is a sharp right in the number of cases. The Canada lockdown update shows that the country is opening in parts that have less or no cases at all. However, there has to be a lot of safety measures followed. In such times the decision to ban cruises is will help the country not bring in more coronavirus infected patients from other parts of the world. Let’s see how soon the country can free itself from the deadly virus and get back on track.

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