Cannabis club Spain, how do these “secret societies” work?

Cannabis club Spain

It is often thought that Holland and in particular Amsterdam, with its typical coffee shops, is the only destination in Europe where it is possible to smoke cannabis. But that’s not the case, given that even in the Iberian Peninsula there are places where smoking is allowed, albeit with different rules. Let’s discover Cannabis Clubs Spain.

Those of Barcelona are very well known, a little less than those of other cities, the Barcelona coffee shops are places where you can “purchase” and consume marijuana legally. Legally, but not for everyone.

Cannabis club Spain, what does the law say?

Cannabis Clubs Spain, like Circulo bcn, are born, as in many cases, from a “legal loophole”. In Spain, in fact, the use of cannabis is not legalized (as is the case in Holland), but its use is decriminalized. This “nuance” therefore allows any person of legal age (in Spain 21 is considered the age of majority), at their private home or in a cannabis club, to freely consume, smoke or “obtain” cannabis.

Existing solution for more than ten years, it allows users to find safe sources without any risk. Even from a government point of view there are only advantages, given that the production and distribution of cannabis is controlled and not in the hands of the underworld and the government maintains control over its production and diffusion.

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A win-win solution but not open to everyone. In fact, Spanish law provides that Cannabis Clubs are closed to the public and that they do not advertise their activity in any way, not even through a sign.

What are they exactly?

Spanish cannabis clubs are private circles, which can only be entered and consumed as a member. This clause is essential for the opening, functioning and maintenance of legality for a Cannabis Club. It therefore follows that it is impossible to think of going to the door of a Cannabis Club (when you manage to find it, since they are not advertised), thinking of buying or consuming as if it were a normal bar.

Each Cannabis club grows and produces its own cannabis for its members. Therefore, based on the size of the club, it will be possible to find more varieties and types. Internal production is an essential feature for the functioning of the club, which knows exactly the average consumption of cannabis, given that each member has precise consumption limits established on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Become a member of a Spanish Cannabis club

Cannabis Clubs are usually only open to local people. Reserved for those over 21 years of age and with no criminal record, these clubs do not advertise and have no signage. Becoming a member of the club is therefore almost always a process of affiliation, with a member introducing a new member to the club.

Some clubs, the larger and better equipped ones, also allow you to apply for membership via the Internet. The same is always at the discretion of the club which will decide independently whether or not to send an invitation. Becoming a member then requires the payment of an annual fee (usually between 50 and 70 euros) to which obviously the cost of buying cannabis is added.

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How do they work?

They can be considered in the same way as cooperatives or non-profit circles. Every cost and price proposed must be tracked and justified. Club members are entitled to a certain amount of cannabis determined at registration, with a maximum set by the club itself.

Cannabis clubs can be owned by a single person but are often companies or small cooperatives, whose members are the cannabis growers themselves.

The experience in a cannabis club Spain

If we have the opportunity to become a member of one of these clubs, what we find within them will pleasantly surprise us. In fact, the legality of the club avoids equivocal situations, with beautiful rooms where, in addition to the essential scales, you can find a corner bar and relaxation areas in which to have a conversation, read a book or play video games and consoles present in the club itself.

A friendly approach, thanks to a decriminalization that makes consumption legal and traceable, with clear advantages for everyone.


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