Do you know who MGK’s (Machine Gun Kelly) daughter is?

Casie Colson Baker
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Casie Colson Baker is a famous television artist, actress, model, and internet sensation. She was born in the USA on July 24, 2009… Also, Casie is Christian by birth and is popular because of the “star kid” label. Moreover, Casie Colson Baker holds American citizenship and is just 13. Initially, the parents of Casie Colson Baker tried to hide her from the spotlight, but not for a long time. Her popularity rapidly increased when her father posted her pictures on his Instagram handle.

Now, Casie has a huge fan following worldwide at a very young age. He often posts pictures of her daughter on his Instagram account, and his fan base is fascinated to know more about their personal life. She is medium-height and is 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters). She has proven that your heights can’t stop you from becoming a superstar and making your dreams into reality. Her weight is 43 kilograms (94 lbs). Casie has a unique and beautiful personality.

Casie is also completing her studies at a local high school in her city. She has yet to reveal many details about her school. Casie Colson Baker has beautiful brown colored eyes and curly hair, and her zodiac sign is Leo. She has been seen many times traveling to different places, and in her interview, she also said that exploring new places and keeping herself healthy by exercising is something she likes to do in her leisure time. 

Casie Colson Baker
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Family background of Casie Colson Baker 

Casie is the only child of the popular American rapper, writer, and singer MGK(Machine Gun Kelly). Also, her mother is Emma Cannon. Moreover, when her parents were teenagers, they were in a serious relationship. However, they split after dating for five years. She currently stays with her father, MGK, in Ohio, United States. 

Relationship with her Mother?

  • There are few photos available on the internet of Emma Cannon(Casie’s mother), which shows that she doesn’t have a strong bond with her as she has with her father. 
  • Many fans tried to learn more details about Casie Baker’s relationship with her mother, but they have not seen each other often. 
  • Moreover, the happy pictures of her father’s account show that she is enjoying her father’s company. 

Relationship with her Father? 

  • Their picture on social media proves that they both share a powerful bond. 
  • Her father has also written a beautiful song for her. 
  • Her father also inspired her and motivated her to write the song “At My Best.”
  • MGK(Machine Gun Kelly) said that he used to party all night and was also a heaven drinker, but his life changed positively after the birth of his daughter.

 The career of Casie Colson baker 

Casie has just started her career. She is working day and night for her entry into Hollywood. According to the news, she will debut in the movie “One Way.” The film will be released in 2022. Her father, MGK(Machine Gun Kelly), will also be seen acting with her daughter. Moreover, Casie has attended several events and gained popularity and fans. Casie made her first appearance on the red carpet at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in 2017. She participated in the award show with her father.

Image Credits: Us Weekly

In 2021, when Casie appeared in “The American Music Awards” along with MGK, she made a great place in people’s hearts. She captured lots of attention there. People assume that MGK will attend the event with his girlfriend, Megan Fox. On the contrary, it was shocking for everyone when he made the grand entry with Casie. MGK(Machine Gun Kelly) and Casie wore stunning black attire at the award show. In 2021, Casie also attended another popular show called “Entertainment Tonight.” Casie is a very hardworking girl. As per the rumors, she is going to work in several television series. Cassie hasn’t denied nor confirmed the words yet. Casie’s fans are eagerly waiting to see her onscreen.

Moreover, Casie is regularly seen in her father’s stage shows and music videos. Also, She was seen on his famous album, “Hotel Diablo,” on the song floor 13. She says “Hotel Diablo” at the end of the song.

Also, her father posts her photos on his Instagram account. Eminem mentioned her on his disk track “KILLSHOT,” as well. Despite being a celebrity child, she has yet to receive brand endorsements. Fans hope she will do some brand endorsements shortly.

Does Casie Colson Baker have a boyfriend? 

She is a lovely young girl. It’s too early for her to be in a relationship with someone. And her father, MGK(Machine Gun Kelly), is significantly protective of her; that’s why she also tries to keep her life personal and never talks about her relationships or boyfriend in public. There is a high chance that she is single, or maybe she doesn’t want to reveal her boyfriend’s name. But people usually consider her single because there isn’t any Official information on the internet. Moreover, people rarely see her hanging out with any guy, which might raise questions about her relationship. 

Social Media Accounts of Casie Colson Baker

Casie Colson Baker is not on any social media platform as of now. She is too young to handle social media platforms. But her father regularly posts her pictures and videos on his social media accounts. Her fans are waiting for Casie to open her social media accounts so that they can have a clear insight into her personal life.

Fans have made many fan pages and groups for Casie on Facebook and Instagram to show their support for her.

Net worth of Casie Colson Baker

Image Credits: Metro UK

Casie is still a child; therefore, she has yet to earn any income. But as we all know, Casie’s father, MGK, is a trendy public figure, actor, singer, influencer, and model. Also, MGK earns a handsome amount of money through his music albums, appearances at famous events, performances, and collaboration with brands. According to the sources, MGK( Machine Gun Kelly) has a net worth of $10 million. Casie leads a very luxurious and good life with her father. She owns many expensive items, including branded phones, clothes, etc.

In 2011, MGK(Machine Gun Kelly) was awarded and declared the hottest breakthrough that year. Moving further, he also won the Woodie award in 2012. Many believe he gets $2 for every click on his songs and videos on Spotify and YouTube, which makes it clear that he earns a lot of money in this way. Another source of income for MGK is ads and commercials. 

Facts about Casie Colson Baker’s Life and Family 

  • She doesn’t have an account on social media. 
  • She likes wearing some accessories with her outfits to make them more attractive. 
  • Casie is an animal lover and loves to play with dogs and cats in her free time. 
  • She is a good lover, and her favorite food is Pizza. 
  • MGK and Casie enjoy the little time they get with each other.
  • Casie’s father and mother had dated for a short period at the Blink-182 concert.
  • Casie’s father started dating her mother when he was 18 years old only.
  • After her father and mother broke up, her father started dating Amber Rose.
  • She likes to hang out with her father’s fiancee, Megan Fox.
  • Casie’s father is her true idol.
  • Casie often comes to Machine Gun Kelly concerts to applaud him.


Casie Colson Baker is just on the first step to starting her career and gearing up for the blockbuster debut. She was in controversy because there were rumors that she would begin her career in the movie “On Way,” which will be released in 2022. Fans are still waiting for the Official reply from Casie Colson baker to reveal the truth. Moreover, her father also might have a role in this movie. 

It can be seen that she will have a tremendous upcoming start and a bright future. 


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