Cassie Randolph slams colton underwood split Rumours

Cassie Randolph slams colton underwood split Rumours
Cassie Randolph slams colton underwood split Rumours

It’s no new story in stars cleaning up their dirty laundry in public and for this time we have Cassie Randolph. Cassie Randolph is fetching real about her connection with The Bachelor‘s Colton Underwood.

In a recent post on Instagram, last Wednesday, the reality star sported a sweet selfie of the couple beside a lengthy message about the “scrutiny” she and Underwood have encountered since their period on the ABC dating pageant.

In the message, Randolph, 24, clarified that she and Underwood are “very happy” and “in a good place,” despite “recent rumors making rounds” about their relationship.
Even though so much interest has come out of being on the show, it has, at times, been a hard growing ordeal too,” she amplified.

Cassie Randolph slams colton underwood split Rumours
Cassie Randolph slams Colton underwood split Rumours

The Bachelor alumni then wrote about the “overwhelming” work it takes to equalize her public rapport alongside her private life, incorporating graduation from school and internships.

“At times the pressure has made me query what the heck I am doing and those close to me have also challenged me as they see me simmering the candle at both ends and at times when I am more overwrought than I should be,” Randolph wrote. “Most of the changes haven’t just impacted my life, but those close to me too.”

The reality star also unveiled about the stress to get committed and wedded after leaving the show, writing, “Strangers (most well-meaning, thank you!) are so abstracted in our relationship’s success or failure that this can create a toxic pressure and at time it’s affected me to question the steadfastness of my own feelings.”

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In the end, Randolph said she’s keeping up concentrated on her “love” for Underwood.

She further concluded, “We’ve established that when we put too much emphasis on the future, we miss out on the existing and appreciating the moment. We both are discovering so much in this and more than anything, we are both liberties where we want to be…happy…thankful…learning…growing!”


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