Catwalk prankster crashes Chanel Paris show in face-off with miffed supermodel Gigi Hadid


Supermodel Gigi Hadid was forced into a surprise play with a catwalk-crasher United Nations agency discontinuous Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week finale on Tues.

The daring tricker wearing a Chanel-style black and white tweed suit and hat jumped from her seat and joined the procession because the models performed their last walk on a set recreating the roofs of Paris within the Grand Palais.

With security personnel caught off-guard, Hadid firmly took the unwelcome guest by the arm as she tried to any upstage the models, with the two facing off on the set. Marie Benoliel, a French comedian and YouTuber called Marie S’Infiltre, later claimed credit for the stunt.

“I couldn’t stop laughing because the hapless security guards couldn’t spot her in the line-up,” front-row spectator New York Times fashion writer Elizabeth Paton told AFP.

Catwalk prankster crashes Chanel Paris show in face-off with miffed supermodel Gigi Hadid
Catwalk prankster crashes Chanel Paris show in a face-off with miffed supermodel Gigi Hadid

Clearly having a field day, the infiltrator then minced down the catwalk together with her hands on her hips, supermodel-style.

Moments later because the unwelcome guest left the road of models to cause any informed the upper side, a miffed-looking Hadid confronted the dejected comedian and escorted her offstage.

Chanel aforesaid the gate crash was a whole surprise however that “this isn’t the primary time that she has done this”. The same YouTuber claimed to possess gate crashed a Paris show by the nightwear complete Etam last week.

Ms. Benoliel, United Nations agency has 227,000 followers, seemed to confirm this, posting “Marie S’Infiltre strikes again” on Instagram.

“We would have most popular if it hadn’t happened,” aforesaid a Chanel interpreter. “We don’t seem to be aiming to create a drama out of it.” The catwalk invasion is a security embarrassment for Chanel because the show was attended by a number of celebrities from yank rapper Cardi B, K-pop star Jennie and French actress Isabelle Adjani. But most fashionistas did not notice the to-do, too busy photography the denouement with their smartphones.

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They were more intent on lapping up Chanel designer Virginie Viard’s spring-summer show on carefree 1960s socialites. Ms. Viard took over the iconic French brand in February days after the death of its legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Ms. Benoliel is something of a celebrity in France, where her pranks have ranged from gatecrashing the Avignon theatre festival to posing as a traffic warden and fining a real one.


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