CBS Cancels Hit ‘Instinct’ After Two Mind Blowing Seasons, Details Inside


Doesn’t it break your heart to know that your favorite series has been canceled? Well yes, something very similar, in fact, worse happened to the fans of the famous series “Instinct”

Though most of the time network shows know their future well, both good and bad. But something different happened this time. Only recently did CBS’ crime drama “Instinct” received a word from the network, that for now, the second season would be a wrap for the series.  Though the series in the talk was nothing more than a bubble show, it’s cancellation hard hit many! Especially the fans. The impact nearly maimed all the stars though no one has given out a formal reply.

It took Alan Cumming a few days to come out with a social media statement and so he did. His Instagram post was nothing out of the ordinary, mentioning the special people who had put their hands together to make the series what it is. Though the star maintained poise with his social media statement, his heartache and bad feel were difficult to ignore. Yeah, Alan, we feel you!

CBS Cancels Hit ‘Instinct’ After Two Mind Blowing Seasons, Details Inside

This is a major opportunity which CBS must take to launch a powerful marketing opportunity.  They can do a lot of things actually. A coffee table book with Alan’s selfies with the prosthetic corpses will be a grand idea. Any fan would love leafing through those since the series met with an abrupt end.

What the fans will miss the most is the awesome chemistry between Dr. Dylan Reinhart ( Allan Cumming) and Bojana Novakovic. But alas! All good things must come to an end. Though this show reached its unexpected end pretty soon, we sincerely hope that the network will come up with some more brain-frying series like Instinct. We can literally feel it in our instinct so as to say!


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