Ceiling Fan Styles for Every Room in Your Home


It’s hardly a secret that ceiling fans are good for your home. A properly running ceiling fan can reduce the perceived temperature of a space by as much as 4 degrees Fahrenheit, which could result in thousands of dollars of energy savings over the course of a year — especially if you have a ceiling fan in every room in your home.

Many homeowners feel confident choosing and installing ceiling fans in bedrooms, but there are plenty of other rooms in the house where ceiling fans can serve a stylish purpose. For example, you might consider installing ceiling fans in your…

Dining Room

The dining room is typically a place for showcasing dramatic light fixtures, which can hang low over the dining table to add incredible style and flair to your home. However, you could easily replace a chandelier with a ceiling fan to offer family and guests a more comfortable dining experience. To achieve a similarly dazzling effect with the ceiling fan in your dining space, you might opt for a fan that has a more ostentatious design. It should also have a light kit attached, so you can enjoy task lighting over your dining table while you eat and entertain.

Master Bath

Most bathrooms will be too small to fit a ceiling fan, which is why there are more discreet fans built into the ceiling to carry away moisture and keep these rooms comfortable, dry and clean. However, if you have a rather spacious bathroom attached to your primary suite, you might consider giving yourself an additional luxurious feature and installing a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan in a bathroom can help move around the moist air, preventing your mirrors and windows from fogging up when someone showers. Because a bathroom ceiling fan is a more functional piece, you might not need it to look particularly flashy, and you won’t need a light kit because downlighting can be particularly unflattering while you are trying to get ready.

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The home office is becoming a critical space as more and more workers enjoy at least some flexible work opportunities. You need your office to be a comfortable and stylish space — so why not add a ceiling fan? The style of your office ceiling fan should depend entirely on the general aesthetic of your working environment. For example, if you enjoy an industrial design in your office, you might choose a black fan or a caged fan. Then again, if your office leans more midcentury modern, you could choose a wooden fan with a pop of color or bronze.


You should want to make the most of your outdoor spaces when the weather is nice, and that means filling your patio, pergola or covered deck with creature comforts like cozy chairs and attractive lighting. Ceiling fans can also be remarkably useful outdoors, where the moving air can simulate a breeze to improve comfort and keep away bugs and other pests. Because your outdoor ceiling fan will be subjected to the outdoor elements, you need to choose a style that will withstand heavy use. Depending on the type of covering over your patio or deck, you may need to invest in a wet-rated ceiling fan, which is insulated against direct contact with precipitation.


Many households use the garage for far more than storing cars. It might be a workshop or a home gym, an indoor-outdoor living space or a playroom for the kids. In any case, you want your garage to be comfortable year-round, which means you should consider installing one or more ceiling fans. Though this space should be completely covered by your home’s roof, you might consider installing a damp-rated ceiling fan, in case the garage door is left up during a rainstorm and the fans experience some moisture. Other than this consideration, you might opt for basic, inexpensive fans in your garage, as they are unlikely to affect your home’s overall look and feel.

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Without a doubt, a ceiling fan is a valuable addition to your home. You can compound that value by placing ceiling fans in every space you use, so you can continuously experience the benefits of superior air circulation.


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