3 Ways to Use an Actor at a Party


Everyone has experienced live entertainment at a party or event before. Usually, the host will hire common entertainment options like singers or bands to provide entertainment to guests and build on the atmosphere by Celebrity. More adventurous and unique hosts may even hire less traditional forms of entertainment such as comedians or magicians to keep their guests occupied. However, if you really want to think outside-of-the-box when it comes to hiring entertainment, you should hire an actor. Actors aren’t traditionally thought of as party entertainers, instead being commonly associated with theater, movies, and television. However, if done correctly, you can get some amazing party entertainment out of actors. So what are the best ways to have actors entertain your guests? Here are three ways to use an actor at a party. 

Celebrity Impersonators

One of the more creative ways to use an actor at a party is by hiring a celebrity impersonator. Celebrity impersonators have the potential to be extremely unique, bringing a celebrity that you never thought you’d meet before to life. Although they surely won’t be as good as the real deal, they can still be an interesting edition at a party. There are many different kinds of celebrity impersonators, each doing different things. Some may imitate musical talents and perform, while others may imitate celebrities in skits, much like you’d see on shows like SNL. If your celebrity impersonator imitates a musical star such as Elvis, then you likely will get a musical component from the actor as well. In addition, impersonators that do skits or other performances with their imitation will likely bring some form of comedy and laughter to your event. If you’re looking for a unique and effective way to have an actor at your party, this can be a great solution. 

Famous Characters

Another way to use an actor at a party is to have them play a famous character from a movie or T.V show. This idea is an extremely popular idea when hosting children’s parties. For example, you could have an actress dress up as your child’s favorite Disney princess, or you could have someone play the role of your child’s favorite superhero. This is especially effective for extremely young children, as they may not be able to tell that the character is an actor. Although using this idea during parties for older children and adults can still be effective, it loses much of the magic that makes it such a popular idea. However, if done correctly, this can be a fantastic way of using an actor in a party setting, 

Live Performances

One of the more straightforward uses of an actor at a party is simply having them perform live for guests. Usually, this requires you to have more than one actor present, but there are some solo performers out there. Having a live performance at your party can be extremely interesting, as it essentially brings the theater to your venue. Although the performance will likely be relatively barebones with few props and costumes, it is still amazing to see how some actors can do so much with so little. In addition, your guests will likely be fascinated by the prospect, and the performance will serve as a great way to cap the night off. If you really want to “put on a show” at your party, then try hiring some actors to create a live performance for your guests.


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