Characteristics of Great College Essays


College admissions officers want to read college essays that reflect the many sides of a person. The best ones will show a student’s values, interests, and vulnerabilities. They also show a college admissions officer that a student can write well. These essays can vary in length and purpose. You may also want to consider writing your own.

Argumentative essay

An Argumentative essay requires students to take a position on a topic and convince the reader to agree with their position. These essays require extensive research and excellent writing skills. It is essential to choose a topic you are interested in because the quality of your argument will depend on how much you know about it.

The key to writing an effective argumentative essay is to be clear about your point of view. The essay should contain reasons and evidence for each premise and explain how your conclusion was reached. It is also essential to keep in mind your audience and avoid offending them.


One of the critical elements in essay writing service an impressive college essay is authenticity. Readers want to feel as though the applicant is speaking in their voice. Too often, students do not come across this way. Their essays may come across as if someone else wrote them. The admissions officers want to hear from the real you, and a fake essay will leave an unflattering impression.

It is being authentic means being true to yourself and your values. Authenticity is an essential part of the college admissions process and integral to a successful application.

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One of the best ways to stand out in a college essay is to write about your passion. Passion is an intense emotion that shows that you are excited and driven about a particular topic. A passion project is a great way to write about yourself and demonstrate your abilities and character traits. For example, a student who played saxophone could discuss how his hobby was an escape. He became lost in his music and created some beautiful music. Students interested in music can list the school bands they participated in.

A passionate essay helper should make the reader want to know more about the writer. It should convey a sense of personal insight and creativity. The best college essays will be personal and dig beneath the surface.


One of the essential characteristics of excellent college essays is originality. It’s not about following a pattern or writing an ordinary piece. You can use different sentence lengths to set the tone of your essay and get across key ideas. A unique structure can significantly help bolster the tone and themes of write my essay.

The subject matter for a college essay can be anything you want, as long as it’s original. A standard essay topic is a two-week mission trip to Mexico. Admissions officers have already read many essays on this subject matter. Whether you’re writing about your first love or a family tragedy, make sure your essay is personal and unique. Avoid subject matter that may seem familiar, such as drugs, dating, or divorce.


A good essay has a structure that expresses ideas clearly and concisely and fits the assignment’s requirements. One good structure is the traditional 5-paragraph essay, typically taught in high schools in the U.S. This structure begins with an Introduction that contains a thesis statement and three controls or points the writer wants to develop throughout the essay. The essay’s body is then made up of paragraphs that begin with a topic sentence introducing one of the controls in the thesis.

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When writing a personal essay, it is essential to stick with a focused theme and not make it seem like you are trying to sell yourself. A narrative essay is a great way to showcase one aspect of yourself rather than generalize about your interests. While there are some dangers to using this structure, it’s an excellent way to illustrate your point and show the reader what you’re passionate about.


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