“Checkmate” – A music video released by LAMB OF GOD.

“Checkmate” – A music video released by LAMB OF GOD.
“Checkmate” – A music video released by LAMB OF GOD.

LAMB OF GOD – A music metallers from Virginia, Mr. Richmond have released a brand new video called “Checkmate”.

It’s a self-titled album which will be released on May 8th through Epic Records in the United States and Nuclear Blast Records in Europe.

The follow up to “VII-Sturm Und Drang” will be marked as LAMB OF GOD’s first recordings with Art Cruz who had joined the band early July as the replacement for the team’s founding drummer, Mr. Chris Adler.

Guitarist Mark Morton says “ Checkmate”- has bought in all the components together of the LAMB OF GOD sound that they have been developing over the last two decades, with the ambition and ferocity that begins with the new chapter for their brand, re-energized and reignited the LAMB OF GOD 2020 for which they were never excited more for.

“Checkmate” – A music video released by LAMB OF GOD.
“Checkmate” – A music video released by LAMB OF GOD.

“Self-Titled”, would warrant the band’s eighth studio effort which shows a testament to band’s pride and satisfaction for the songs and for their creativity.

“LAMB OG GOD”, it’s a true collaboration among all the members of the band of eighth studio album which is an amalgam of each of their contributions, blended to create one particular style.

Guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler fuel the album with a mountain riffs and taking the ante to new levels.

John Campbell, looming large as a rhythmic shadow, drummer Art Cruz who made his studio debut with LAMB OF GOD in this record proceeded with passion, sweat, and expansive dynamics.

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