China Flood: Thousands Displaced Due to Severe Downpour and Flooding

China flood

A major flood occurred in central and southern China leaving more than a dozen people dead. It displaced thousands of people from their houses and the situation is pretty severe right now. The weather has created havoc in famous tourist spots that were already suffering a lot due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The torrential downpour led to mudslides and floods making almost 280,000 people relocate. The flood damages more than 1,300 houses and cited a ministry of emergency and management. Towards the south of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, one person went missing along with six people found dead.

Streets were waterlogged in places like Yangshuo, and forced residents to evacuate on bamboo rafts. The government announced that more than 1,000 hotels have been flooded and 30 popular tourist sites damaged.

China flood damages

One hotel owner who funs a family business reported that the guest’s rooms were submerged in 3 feet rainwater. According to the emergency management ministry, the economic loss due to the flood is approximately 4 billion yuan or $550 million.

In the Hunan Province, more than 13 people died and around eight people went missing or died in the south-western Guizhou province.

The downpour became heavy from the beginning of June and have risen water levels dangerously in 110 rivers. There are more rainstorms to expect in the following days, which might mean more disaster.

Seasonal flooding is a common problem in lower regions of China’s river systems, especially Pearl and Yangtze to the south. The authorities sought to mitigate the condition by making dams, particularly the Three Gorges structure at the Yangtze.

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The China flood was one of the worst since 1998, which had killed over 2,000 people and destroyed around 3 million homes. The country has to act quickly in order to settle the damages, help the citizens, and restore back what’s lost.


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