Chinese Experimental COVID Vaccine Goes to North Korean Leader

Chinese Experimental COVID Vaccine Goes to North Korean Leader

A Chinese experimental COVID vaccine has gone to North Korea to protect leader Kim Jong Un and his family. The reports of this activity have become viral after a US analyst and intelligence sources from Japan have conformed about it. Moreover, North Korean expert Harry Kazianis publicly stated that several high-rank officials along with Un were safe and vaccinated.

Kazianis works at the National Interest Think Tank Center in Washington. However, there is no clarity regarding which company offered the vaccine or whether it was safe enough.

According to an article for 19FortyFive, and an online outlet, the North Korean leader and his high-ranking officials, are going through the vaccination process for the past couple of weeks. Although the name of the supplier company is unclear, it is undoubtedly from the Chinese government. The author of the 19FortyFive article is none other than Harry Kazianis.

Concerning Peter. J Hotez’s report, Kazianis mentions that at least three Chinese firms were developing the vaccine. Peter. J Hotez is a famous American scientist. The three companies under assumption are Sinovac Biotech Ltd, China National Pharmaceutical Group, and CanSinoBio.

Sinopharm states that their sample vaccine was tested on over a million people in China. However, none of the firms that are mentioned above have come out with the reports of their final or Phase-3 testing. It seems that the Chinese experimental COVID vaccine is still a secret that will take time to come out.

The news of the Chinese experimental COVID vaccine is still a secret

On the other hand, a foreign ministry spokeswoman from the Chinese government gave a diplomatic answer. When the media asks her regarding the news of vaccine transfer from China to North Korea, she keeps mum. Moreover, she says that there was no such news that she was aware of. Some experts are yet to believe that Kim Jong Un will ever use such an uncertain vaccine.

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According to Choi Jun-hun, Leader Kim Jong Un has zero evident reasons to use a vaccine even if there is approval. It is because no drug is perfect, and why does the leader need one when he has several places for isolation. Choi Jung-hun is an expert in the field of infectious diseases. He came from North Korea to South Korea in 2012 and is now staying here.

On the other hand, associate editor and East Asian analyst Mark Berry say something else. According to the World Peace editor’s internal journal, Kim Jong will prefer a UK-based vaccine rather than a Chinese one. On Twitter, Barry writes that the risk is severe. However, it seems that the leader is enjoying Chinese personal security.

Although there is no coronavirus case report in North Korea, experts are not ruling out the possibility. Since North Korea indulges in regular people-to-people exchanges and trade with China, they may attract the virus from there. Moreover, the NIS (National Intelligence Service) of South Korea is continuously looking out for any loopholes that can break the health record.

North Korea attempts to hack vaccine-related information.

Earlier last month, Microsoft experts were saying that there were two North Korean hacking groups at work. Their goal was to break-into the vaccine network of several countries. Moreover, this group of companies includes famous AstraZeneca. The same is a British biggie in the drug market. On the other hand, South Korean intelligence successfully foiled all North Korean hackers’ attempts to break into their system.


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