Chinese woman charged with paying $400,000 to have son admitted to UCLA


With the increasing competition in the world and striving in them that draws people towards being the best has been leading some to commit immoral acts that would help them be on the top. One such act is paying a bribe to reach higher.

A lot of cases have surfaced where parents have paid a huge amount of money to institute owners to get their children admitted to the so-called ‘deemed’ institutions.

A Chinese woman was allegedly one of them who apparently paid a hefty amount of four hundred thousand dollars only so that her son could get admitted to UCLA as a fake soccer player.

Chinese woman charged with paying $400,000 to have son admitted to UCLA

This was reported by the federal authorities in Boston that the Chinese Women named, Xiaoning Sui was arrested in Spain for paying UCLA’s scandal master four hundred thousand US dollar so that her son could pose as a fake soccer player from UCLA.

The man who played the intermediate was the singer, William who has been involved in tons of scandals over the year. He had himself admitted to being a witness of scams going in schools, colleges, and institutes.

He said that the college authorities, supposedly, receive a hefty amount in the name of admission. The figures could go up to a six-figure amount in order to accept the children of such parents to their institution.

Xiaoning Sui was not the first to do so. She has been pointed as the thirty-fifth parents who have been involved in this scandal of paying bribes to authorities. Xiaoning Sui who is forty-eight years old, paid four hundred thousand dollars to the authorities to make her son look like a professional soccer player when in reality her son has never ever played soccer competitively in his entire life.

“The UCLA admissions office typically allocates a number of admissions slots to each head coach to recruit highly qualified athletes. Being on a UCLA head coach’s list of recruited athletes significantly increases an applicant’s chance of being admitted,” stated the prosecution.


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