Choline: What vegans need to know about


Today’s modern lifestyle and fast racing life have taken a toll on each individual’s health. People have started changing their food habits, their diet, exercise, all according to the lifestyle they lead. In the last few years, a term that has been widely used is “vegan”. 

Importance of all nutrients

Vegan is a term mostly used by people who have boycott animal products(non-veg products) and supplements from their diet, including eggs and dairy products. They totally support the intake of only plant food and sustain just by it. It is commendable for the conservation of the animal population, but there are some negative impacts too. 

The negative impact comes onto the individual. Every food that we take, contributes to the nutrients that our body requires to function properly. Vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, everything has its role to play in the body. They either contribute to the development, growth, functions of organs or just as some catalyst to make some function flawless. 


Choline is an intrinsic nutrient you cannot miss 

Choline is one of the essential nutrients that is required for the perfect functioning of motor neurons, The electrical transmission that is between the stimuli of two nerve endings require chemicals. These chemicals require choline for their flawless production and thus the smooth transfer of the stimulus. 

Choline is basically found in meat(animal products), and when vegans limit their diet radius, there might be a scarcity of choline in their system, leading to various problems. 

It is thereby recommended that being a vegan, they need to add supplements to their diet which can suffice the uptake of choline. Choline works best with Vitamin B12, therefore supplements of vitamin B12 are necessary too.

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Choline is present in mushroom, roasted nuts, peanuts, baked beans and vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli. So if you are a happy vegan, make sure to add these to your diet, so that you do not miss on the essential nutrient. 


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