Factors You Should Consider While Choosing Card Swipe Machine For Your Business

Card Swipe Machine Business

Factors You Should Consider While Choosing Card Swipe Machine For Your Business. Carrying cash in one’s wallet for all transactional needs has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, customers prefer making their payments through credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or other digitized payment modes. 

In these times, when the transition towards a cashless economy is all but imminent, not having a digital payment machine can prove to be a significant setback for businesses as customers rely heavily on e-cash. However, many companies find it hard to choose the ideal card machine best suited for their business needs. There are various factors that one must consider before making the final decision.

Let us have a detailed look at a few of the factors you must weigh before making the final decision.  

Payment Acceptance Range

When choosing a card swipe machine for business, you would want to choose a machine that accepts all sorts of cards and payment methods. Why would one want to select a swipe machine with restricted usage that only accept limited payment forms? Flexibility in modes of payments would ensure that no customer is left out. When choosing the digital payment machine for yourself, make sure that it accepts payments via Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Rupay. It must also be enabled to receive contactless payment through a QR code or SMS. 


One aspect that you should not compromise upon is security. Getting a machine that ensures that all your customer’s data is safe and secure should be your utmost priority. While purchasing an Android pos terminal, ensure that it is either PCI or EVM compliant. 

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When purchasing an Android swipe machine, you would not want to choose a machine that is either too bulky or has too many wires that limit mobility. So, a wireless POS machine. This would offer greater flexibility in payment options as you can also deliver payment options to your customers right on their doorsteps. Moreover, if you have a drive-in retail outlet, it would ensure no waiting behind long queues for your customers. It would be highly convenient for you to carry your swipe machine around. Make sure that it comes with a long battery life, which would ensure that you can make an endless number of payments anywhere, on the go. 

Ability to Print and Send E-receipts

Once payment is complete, the customer receives a payment receipt. It is an accurate record of the payment made. Earlier, a customer received a physical paper slip; however, a much more convenient and environment-friendly method has replaced it, which sends e-receipts to customers via SMS. This offers greater convenience as collecting all the paper slips can prove to be a hassle, and it is much easier to store digital messages. So, when purchasing an Android swipe machine for your business, make sure it is equipped with the technology to send E-receipts.

Customer Support And Self Service Portal

When purchasing your digital payment machine, make sure it has dedicated customer support to answer all your queries in a time-bound manner. Having dedicated customer support would ensure that resolving any problem would be a hassle-free experience. In addition to dedicated customer support, your merchant must also provide a digital self-service portal where you can log in anytime to check your payment history.

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As mentioned above, there are numerous factors that you must weigh before purchasing the card machine that is best suited for you. Every business has its own specific needs and requirements, so ensure that the machine you purchase caters efficiently to all your needs. We hope that all these factors will be of help to you while making the right decision.


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