CHOP Coming to Switch on Sept 13th, 2019



A fast-paced action with platform elements in goriest battle arena game, CHOP, is coming to Nintendo Switch very soon and we can’t contain our excitement.

With simple and easy to learn mechanics, its something every gamer, whether amateur or professional, can learn to play to the best of his ability. Although a look first look into it might seem very chaotic to start with, with body parts and blades flying through stage, the game has got a very satisfying gameplay once you get into your gaming zone.

Without further ado, we tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming video game that’s expected to take the gaming world by a storm. 


Get equipped before you go 

As straightforward as we can be, you best friend in this whole game is your sword. A loyal bladed weapon that you can use for slashing or thrusting your enemies as you go along your way, this truly little thing will protect you at all times so be sure to grab a hold of it before you get into the battlefield. Either slash foes in close combat or throw it across stage to nail it victim, the choice is yours to select. 

All its features and more 

Play solo with bots or with up to 4 players in local multiplayer. The Gory graphics that emulate that of the comic book style with guts flying everywhere and brutal executions guaranteed, its digital displays only add to the outstandingness of the gaming and the gamers overall experience.

It is also important to note that every character in the game has a special ability linked to blade like teleportation or telekinetic control so it is best to know when to use who in order to fully optimize your gaming experience while engaging in the game. 

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The wait is over 

With more than 20 arenas to choose from, CHOP provides an abundance of choices in order to make the user or gamers completely satisfied. There are also three  game modes which include many options to customize. Either spice up battles by finding random bonuses or use what you already have in order to win the ongoing battle, the choice is yours. Although the game is officially set to release on September 13th of this year, CHOP is now available for preorder on the Nintendo Switch.  



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