Christie Brinkley Responds to Wendy WilliamS who Claim She’s faking her ‘DWTS’ Injury


Wendy Williams’ had surely put some mean accusations on Christie Brinkley about her injury and Christie Brinkley is just too upset with all of it. She has the right to do so after her arm has changed its color to black and blue, not to forget her followed surgery.

Wendy Williams’ seems to be upset by the fact that Christie’s daughter, Sailor Brinkley Cook stepped up instead of her mother so easily and she thinks all of this is a fake drama to boost Christie’s daughter’s modeling career.

She had clearly stated against Christie and her injury that, “Here’s my thought, okay. Hitting the dance floor with the Stars called Christie Brinkley and stated, “Would you like to do Dancing With the Stars?” And she stated, “Yes.” After she got off the telephone, that is the place she plotted her planned damage. She joined realizing that she put her little girl in there. You realize her girl is delightful.”

Christie Brinkley Responds to Wendy WilliamS who  Claim She's faking her 'DWTS' Injury
Christie Brinkley Responds to Wendy Williams who Claim She’s faking her ‘DWTS’ Injury

This accusation hit Christie Brinkley hard and she clearly and publicly expressed her disappointment at such a claim made against her when she is clearly in a lot of pain. She said that she is upset but she is not at all expecting any apologies from Wendy Williams’. Instead, she is waiting to get cured and take off her cast. She said her life has turned into a little extreme after that.

She shared, “There are no ifs and or buts. Be that as it may, I simply continue saying the most noticeably awful is finished; I’ve had the medical procedures; I’m recuperating. Ordinary it will show signs of improvement and more grounded and after that, I’ll have this cool titanium thing in my wrist.”

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Christie just went on the talk show to be kind but she has expressed that she does not wish to return to Wendy’s show anytime.

She looks very happy while sitting in the audience watching her daughter, Sailor takes over the stage.


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