Best British Binge-Worthy Christmas Shows On Netflix To Stream This Winter

Christmas Shows

Christmas brings the flavor of fun, joy, and happiness but after the family celebration, you need to have some me-time.

Looking forward to enjoy the best British shows on Netflix? This piece is for you. Here, we bring you season’s greetings with some of the best binge-worthy British Christmas shows on Netflix. Every choice is backed by ratings and reviews, so get ready, get comfy with our best picks to stream this winter:

1.  Angela’s Christmas Wish (2020)

Our first pick is the sequel to Angela’s Christmas. This movie shows the story of the determined girl who reunites her family to celebrate the joys of Christmas. The movie bags an impressive IMDb rating of 7.0/10 and had two nominations for sound and animation.

Users have shared love for this movie by reviewing it as “sweet” “innocent” and a “family-friendly” pick for Christmas eve. So, if you have a family of young kids, this is a great choice to watch together.

2. Arthur Christmas (2017)

This next pick is a great family-friendly choice that answers the age-old question: “How does Santa deliver all presents in one night?”. The movie “Arthur Christmas” shows Santa’s magical workshop in the North Pole.

The lead role is the son of Santa, the unlikely hero Arthur, who takes the responsibility of bringing Christmas gifts to everyone’s house. The movie is rated 7.1/10 on IMDb and has more than 23 nominations and 3 wins in Best Animated Feature. Critics have complimented the movie’s storyline as heartwarming and the cast as great.  

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3. Love Actually (2003)

If you plan to enjoy Christmas with a romantic comedy, then the movie “Love Actually” is the best pick for you. The storyline follows 8 different lives and their escapades of love. It features a lineup of popular actors like Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Martin Freeman, and many more.

The movie holds an IMDb rating of 7.6/10 and 29 nominations and 10 wins in various award shows. The critics have reviewed this movie to be expressive of all forms of love and various stages of relationships. It also peaks into the sad and troubling moments of a relationship and how they are overcome through effort.  

4. The Holiday (2006)

While it may be an old choice, it is still a commendable pick. The Holiday is a highly underrated romantic comedy, in which two women swap places and pursue a different journey of love. The cast features Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black, and many more.

The movie has a great relatability factor and can serve as a great movie choice on Christmas eve. The movie received an IMDb rating of 6.9/10 and 11 nominations with 2 wins. This movie mixes the best of comedy and romance in a Christmas-themed sequence.

5. Christmas Survival (2018)

The theme of Christmas has always been about reuniting families. Our next pick is a comedy that revolves around sibling rivalry. In Christmas Survival, two families come together after their late parent’s country house and the sisters do not get along.

The families work to end the old sibling rivalry in the spirit of Christmas. This movie comes from the Academy Award-nominated writer of “Fatal Attraction Take on Christmas”. The cast features Julia Ovenden, Gemma Whelan, Joely Richardson, Michael Landes, and many more.

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6. Nativity (2009)

Our last pick for the best British Christmas movie revolves around the story of a primary school teacher who over-promises in a school play.

The movie “Nativity” is a family-friendly comedy, where the schools compete in the performance of the play with high hopes that the teacher would bring a member of Hollywood to watch their performance.

The teacher struggles to reconcile with his past and keep his student’s hopes high. The movie has 4 more parts and would be a great choice of streaming in one go. The cast features Martin Freeman, Marc Wootton, Jason Watkins, Ashley Jensen, and many more. The movie holds an IMDb rating of 6.4/10.


With these picks, you are all set to have a great Christmas streaming the best British shows on Netflix.  Even if they are not available in your region, you can get around geo-restriction and enjoy Netflix to your heart’s content.

At Christmas time, the most preferred genres are romantic, comedy, and family-friendly. Whether you love rom coms or animated movies, this list is all you need to stream to have a Merry Christmas.


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