Class 9 students can use these tips to ace the Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad

The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is a significant mathematics test sponsored by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) for pupils with a mathematical foundation for subsequent studies. This test is conducted in India throughout all boards, including CBSE, ICSE, state boards, etc. Olympiad exams are well-known for enabling students to develop the habit of approaching various topics from several perspectives. Class 9 students can utilise their Olympiad training as the foundation for their math studies in class 10. Ranking among the top students might be challenging for students who are not well-prepped or unsure of their grasp of the material.

Because this exam is known for its cognitive demands, passing the IMO exam is rather challenging. If students commit to a strict study schedule and stick to it with dedication, they should have enough time to prepare for the extensive curriculum. Even with the stigma of fear associated with the IMO exam, students with good preparation strategies who know what they have to study and how challenging the exam can be can easily ace the exam. Practising counts the most when it comes to mathematics. Hence, solving the IMO Maths Olympiad Class 9 Previous Year Question Paper will allow students to recognise how the IMO frames their question papers and which topics they prioritise. Students looking to ace their next Math Olympiad exam can follow the tips below to build their study routine effectively.

Acknowledge the paper pattern

If students understand the format of the questions that may be asked on the IMO test, they will study, manage, and direct activities more rapidly. It’s crucial to understand the exact meaning of every question. As a result, recognising the paper pattern is required. Students will become more aware of what is required of them as they study for the IMO test. This way, students won’t be caught off guard when it comes time to take their test.

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Don’t take the math syllabus lightly

Students must master all of the fundamentals of each chapter in their curriculum so that they do not end up losing marks when questions about these topics are posed during their IMO test. This exam assesses students’ understanding of the fundamentals and how they apply that knowledge by employing a variety of ingenious ways to various sorts of questions.

Distinguish between good and bad reference materials

Students require adequate study material that follows the same syllabus as the IMO to properly finish studying all of the crucial concepts and themes that must be comprehended. These reference materials must cover all topics presented in the mathematics curriculum, and they must be efficient and precise. These should also include question banks with various question formats, such as multiple-choice questions, long-short answers, and so on. Students can use sample papers provided in these books to self-evaluate their progress while revising.

Self-study sessions

The students can create a study schedule to help them know their daily study goals a day prior. Students may split and organise their time wisely to sections and concepts based on their level of complexity. This will guarantee that they do not squander time and instead put it to good use. This timetable should incorporate brief breaks throughout long study periods to keep students energised during the preparation. Because class 9 is such an essential academic stage for students, they should ensure that this schedule does not interfere with their academic preparation.

Jot down important Math points

During study sessions, students should take notes on all things they believe are significant and must be retained. Rehashing notes may help students remember all of the important information for a longer amount of time. It’s a good idea to jot down all of the important formulas, graphs, and charts. This will make it easier for students to recall key elements during revision.

Good practise = good scores

Using a new math topic in a variety of settings is the most effective method of sustaining it. Students should get acquainted with the many types of questions that may be posted in the IMO exam. By practising regularly and answering questions with the aid of solution books, students will better understand the types of problems that may be posed during the Olympiad. Students can increase their problem-solving and logical-reasoning skills as each new question will challenge them differently.

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Good time management is vital

One of the most important things for students to remember when practising is that the Math Olympiad also assesses their ability to complete their papers on time. Students should be constantly aware of the need for effective time management. They should make it a habit to practice improving their speed every day.

Revision is important

Students can measure their progress during revision by taking mock tests, which will analyse their preparation and help them discover their mistakes. They can then concentrate on rectifying the faults. Notes taken during study sessions should be utilised throughout the revision period to ensure students recall what they’ve learned thus far. Students can use important question banks and previous year’s question papers as their mock test papers.

Health is a priority

To keep physically and mentally fit for their exams, they should consume nutritious foods and get enough rest. A fresh mind has been shown to remember knowledge for extended periods. As a result, it is critical to take frequent breaks. Students that are self-assured and motivated make fewer mistakes. As a result, they must stay encouraged and productive throughout their preparation.

To summarise, with appropriate preparation and determination, anyone may excel in the Mathematics Olympiad. Students that pass the IMO will be given well-deserved chances in the future. Even though the Maths Olympiad examination is challenging to pass, students may undoubtedly triumph in their IMO exam with the right preparation method and a solid study regimen. To ace The Math Olympiad, students must also have appropriate study resources and should practise often.

Additional Math tips:

  • Online math quizzes can be accessed for additional practice. These quizzes are freely available online. After completing daily study sessions, students can test their performance using these quick quizzes.
  •  Using shortcuts in math can assist students in getting accurate answers in a faster and efficient manner.
  • Get all doubts rectified before they start their revision.


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