Cleaning Strategy for Moving Process

Cleaning Strategy

When you move, it is important that you feel like your new home is truly yours. That’s why we all want to get rid of reminders of previous occupants in the first place. Stale odors, dirt, cobwebs, and dust should be gone by the time you move your stuff into your new home, so that’s where you start. 

At the same time, it is essential to leave your previous apartment clean, especially if you were renting it. The simplest option is to address Move Out Cleaning Services Spokane that will help you with the whole process, and you won’t need to spend time and resources on it. After your previous home is clean, here’s how to approach washing your new home.

Clean Your House from Top to Bottom

Although it is the task for the previous owners to clean the house before moving out, often this work is not done completely. If this is the case, you will have to get rid of the traces of the previous tenants yourself before moving things, since after the house is occupied, it will be more difficult to carry out thorough cleaning.

You don’t want dust and dirt to settle on freshly polished wood floors, do you? Start cleaning from the ceiling and work your way down. First, remove the cobwebs and dust from the corners of the ceiling with a mop or brush, then from the walls, fireplace, and other surfaces, and finally sweep it off the floor.

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Clean the Parts of Your House That You Are Unlikely to Clean Again Soon

How many times have you washed the walls in a new house? When you move, focus on cleaning the areas that you are not likely to clean again anytime soon. Thus, you will not only achieve the desired cleanliness but also a pleasant atmosphere of novelty.

This is what do you need to clean up:

  • walls;
  • the backside of the kitchen gadgets;
  • internal parts of cabinets;
  • along baseboards;
  • hoods and fans;
  • heaters;
  • garbage containers;
  • basement and attic.

Create a plan with the things that you need to clean and follow it in order not to miss anything.

Clean Surfaces That You Will Frequently Touch

It’s hard to feel at home if someone else’s dirt catches your eye! Traces from previous occupants are mainly found on those objects and surfaces that were often touched. Finish the whole process by cleaning the following areas and items:

  • Appliances inherited from previous owners (stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and washing machine);
  • Toilet, bath, shower, and sink;
  • Door handles;
  • Switches and other buttons.

Now that your new home is sparkling clean, you can move things around and feel like you’re truly at home!

The best time to clean your new home is before you move in. Pay special attention to cleaning those parts of the house that, after moving and bringing in furniture, will be out of reach. Also, pay attention to the areas you frequently come into contact with.


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