Cobra Kai Season 3 official Netflix Trailer is out now | Catch all the spicy details here!

cobra kai season 3
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Cobra Kai is one such amazing series on Youtube premium that gets its viewers to appreciate the rush to fight among the Karate beasts. To the reader’s surprise, Cobra Kai is a sitcom based on the prominent film “The Karate Kid.” Well! If you want to revel in the delight of the Karate Kid for longer than the film’s running time, Cobra Kai is the perfect web series to go with. The reason being, Cobra Kai season 3 is coming out. The series had been dropped by youtube last year. However, luckily, Netflix picked up the series for remodeling and released the third season. To put a simple on your face and rush of excitement, we present Cobra Kai season 3 official trailer (launched by Netflix a few seconds ago). Let’s take a glimpse: 

What is Cobra Kai season 3 release date? 

Cobra Kai Season 3 is releasing in January 2021. However, an accurate release date has not been disclosed yet. But, rumors are, the new year’s holiday starts with the launch of the third season for Cobra Kai. So, the hardcore fans expect to drop all the plans for the new year midstream and stream the complete season right away. 

In the event that you haven’t watched the official trailer of Cobra Kai season 1 and Cobra Kai season 2, here’s a picturesque for your euphoria of series: 

The potential cast of Cobra Kai for Season 3

Ralph Macchio (Role: Daniel LaRusso): He is a business owner and lives in Southern California. Daniel goes back to fight his enemies as he learns that Lawrance is back and successfully running Cobra Kai Dojo.  

William Zabka (Role: Johnny Lawrence): Johnny is a fatherless-child with a lot of hatred. He lost his mother. At the age of 12, he joined to learn Karate from sensei John Kreese. 

Xolo Maridueña (Role: Miguel Diaz): He is a teenage guy with asthma issues. He is not very strong and is usually targeted by bullies at school and stores. 

Courtney Henggeler (Role: Amanda LaRusso): She is Daniel’s Better half. 

Tanner Buchanan (Role: Robby Keene): He is Johnny’s son, who is also a drug user. He does not like his father. In order to get back to his father out of anger, he starts to work at Daniel’s Auto group. 

season 3 release date for Cobra Kai season 3
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Mary Mouser (Role: Samantha LaRusso): She is Daniel’s daughter who likes to hang out with friends from prestigious families in the town. She is also partnered with Kyler, who Daniel does not like and keeps on meddling into their romance. 

Jacob Bertrand (Role: Eli Moskowitz/Hawk): He is a troubled kid with a potential autism spectrum. Eli joins the Cobra Kai Karate group in order to regain his personality as an aggressive teenager who everybody fears. 

Gianni Decenzo (Role: Demetri): Demetri is the nerd of the Cobra Kai. He is very under-confident when it comes to physical activities. Johnny takes advantage of his fear and bullies him to leave the group on his first day only. 

Plot Details: What will happen next? 

Cobra Kai, the youtube-initiated web series, follows the storyline of Johnny Lawrance and Daniel LaRusso and their evergreen rivalry of 34 years since one defeated the other during a Karate match. Johnny Lawrance and Daniel LaRusso are living very different lives. On the one hand, Daniel has gone from rags to riches. On the other hand, Johnny is going through a financial crisis after being verbally abused by his stepfather, unlike their teen years. 

Johnny had abandoned his wife and newborn years ago as he did not overcome his romantic dispatch from Ali Mills. To recuperate from the personal losses, Johnny decides to reopen the Cobra Kai Dojo. Robby, Johnny’s son, intentionally joins Daniel LaRusso’s company in order to develop a friendly relationship with his father’s keen enemy. 

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As seen in the last episode of Cobra Kai Season 2, Johnny and Daniel stood against each other in the ring when Daniel finds out about Robby spending the night with Samantha, who is Daniel’s daughter. Tory and Samantha also get into a fight as Tory reveals a dark secret, but Robby stands with Samatha at any cost. 

After a riotous brawl at Cobra Kai, Johnny got depressed and threw his phone at the beach lake without noticing that his ex-girlfriend (highschool) has sent him a friend request on social media.


So, in Cobra Kai season 3, viewers will, fortunately, see Johnny in a romantic relationship with Ali Mills (most probably). So, get ready because the badass journey of Cobra Kai Dojo will begin once again to serve you with a lot of entertainment complemented with romantic as well as a feisty rush. 


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