Commercial Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless Steel Tables

Every novice businessman is faced with the need to organize production space. For such an organization of the workplace for employees, furniture places an important role. For our own needs, we prefer wood, chipboard, and stone, but what is optimal for commerce? Stainless steel tables are in great demand, and production takes into account the peculiarities of operation.

Stainless steel for work is an ideal material for reliability and durability. Food grade stainless steel is used for the food and household industries where the interaction of alkalis and acids is observed. The properties of this material provide cleanliness, safety and comfort when working at the stainless steel prep table. Modern alloy for commercial equipment contains Nickel, which has sufficient resistance to aggressive environments, and chromium, which promotes the formation of oxide film, also add titanium, cobalt and molybdenum, they protect the material from saline solutions.

Food grade stainless steel looks more aesthetically pleasing than other steel grades, has a uniform color and perfect surface smoothness. The advantages of stainless steel work tables are also in the absence of harmful substances during operation and resistance to sudden changes in temperature. 

Where Stainless Steel Tables are Used? 

The main advantage for industrial tables is durability and ease of operation. The production uses modern welding and soldering technologies. Manufacturers often offer models in standard design, and you can order a product of individual design. The predominant possibility is to make desktops of non-standard sizes or tables with a lower shelf, two shelves, a shelf or a lattice. Work tables with undershelf are also popular as well as wall tables with boards, sliding doors, sinks, baskets or additional items for inventory. Commercial work tables are popular in the field of services: 

  • kitchens;
  • restaurants or bakeries;
  • medicine;
  • laboratory research and beauty industry.
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These areas require specific sanitary and hygienic standards, and commercial stainless steel workbenches are best suited to maintain cleanliness, regardless of the degree of contamination. 

The durability of stainless steel prep tables is the strength of metal joints that do not loosen for a long time, the stability of the legs, also in order to withstand the additional weight of the legs they have jumpers that prevent deformation it saves on relocation, re-equipment and use space wisely. Also, the service life increases due to the welded surface structure, which increases the weight of the finished product, but at the same time reduces the sensitivity to shaking. 

The surface of the table does not require special skills to maintain cleanliness, having a smooth surface there is no accumulation of dirt and successfully resist fungus, bacteria or other microorganisms. Commercial stainless steel tables are not sensitive to moisture, do not corrode and you can use any detergents and disinfectants. Exceptions are hard brushes, which can leave deep scratches and significantly reduce the service life of tables.

Due to the popularity of stainless steel tables, manufacturers offer a wide range of products, adequate and competitive price, which helps the buyer choose the best option that will match the price, quality and practicality.



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