Common Matched Betting Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Common Matched Betting Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Matched Online Cricket Betting ID is definitely one of the easiest ways to make money online. For those of you who do not know what it is, matched betting is a simple, risk-free and a tax-free way to make big bucks each month.  While it is true that earning money through matched betting is easy as pie, you need to be on the lookout for common matched betting mistakes. You can keep making good money only when you keep away from mistakes that eat away at your profits.      This article deals with common matched betting mistakes and tells you how you can avoid them. Let us get started!

1. Placing bets on the wrong fixtures

Does it sound obvious? Yet, you need to be extremely careful. When you make multiple bets, it can sometimes get a little confusing and it may lead to bets on the wrong fixtures. It can happen when the names of teams, players or horses are similar. Or when a certain team has several fixtures coming up.

How can you avoid it?

  • Check, check, check! Make sure that you are placing the right bet.
  • Use the direct links from reliable websites like Free Bets to ensure that you are safely being directed to the correct fixture.
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2. Failing to confirm your bet

Not many bookmakers ask for confirmation of your bet after you place it. It is very easy to simply tap on the ‘Place bet’ button once and then hurry over to lay the bet as early as possible. However, we advise you to wait till you see the ‘bet confirmed’ message on screen before you move on to laying it.

How do you avoid it?

  • As obvious as it may sound, do not rush. Stay calm and re verify if you have received the confirmation message.

3. Using the wrong mode on the betting calculator

Matched betting calculators are an important part of the process since they allow the bettor to find out the exact amount needed to place the bet. They also tell you the profit that can be earned from placing the bet.

There is a slight difference in the math behind the calculator for normal qualifying bets and free bets. Thus, if you use the wrong mode, you will end up with the wrong figures.

How can you avoid this?

  • Don’t rush. Double-check if the figures make sense.
  • You can check the mode from the top of the calculator. The mode is mentioned there and you can change it before inputting the odds.

4. Failing to check the terms and conditions

It is essential to go through the terms and conditions for every free bet offer you come across. Here are some of the key things you need to look out for:

  1. Maximum or minimum odds: You will see that qualifying bets are often restricted to a certain range of odds. Most of them have a clause in the terms and conditions like ‘minimum odds of 2.00’. It implies that betting on shorter odds, say 1.5, will not qualify you for the free bet.
  2. Opting in: Several offers necessitate opting-in before placing your bet. In case you do not do this, you will not receive the free bet offer.
  3. Specific markets for bets: Many times, you will come across offers that claim cashback as a free bet if your bet loses. Such offers will mostly be restricted to specific markets. Do not bet in the wrong market expecting a cashback.
  4. Mobile only: Sometimes, a bookmaker’s website will require you to place bets through mobile phones only to be eligible for the free bet.
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How to avoid this?

  • Needless to say, you need to check the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Use reliable bookmaker websites to find authentic offers. Such websites highlight the important terms and conditions. In addition, they also provide direct links.

Summing up

While it is true that matched betting requires a bit of caution, completely staying away from it is also inadvisable. If you are ready to make minor yet crucial changes in your routine, you can make easy money.

It may sound complicated but in reality, matched betting is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn good profits. You would probably need a little warm up before it makes complete sense to you!



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