Common Mistakes of Junk Removal

Common Mistakes of Junk Removal

Common Mistakes of Junk Removal. Who would have thought that you can make huge mistakes when getting rid of your junk? Some errors are simply down to sheer ignorance while others should be self-explanatory. Get in touch with a professional junk removal to avoid fines!

Don’t burn your trash

It seems to be the easiest solution to getting rid of your junk: just burn it, and it’s gone. While some waste is more or less safe to be burnt, such as wood pieces from DIY projects or plain paper, other objects may contain materials that create toxic fumes as soon they’re set ablaze. Thus, the smoke could impose a health hazard for your heart and lungs as well as to the environment.

If you’re not careful about where exactly you choose to burn your stuff, the fire could get out of control and spread to your property. If you’re entirely out of luck it could even spread to your neighbour’s house and the catastrophe is complete. There’s a reason why burning your trash can be heavily fined and why your government has set up a strict set of rules regarding the materials one is allowed to burn.

Dump it wherever you like

Unfortunately, many people rid themselves of their trash by just dumping it anywhere it pleases them. We often find spots in forests or rural sites where someone dumped his old sofa or trash, old tires, and alike. That’s illegal, and also, in this case, you can face a hefty fine.

Only because your junk would be out of your sight and out of your mind, doesn’t justify your ignorance to dump junk as you pass a lonely, seemingly perfect place. You’ll be better off to give professional junk removers a call and let them take care of large items you want to dispose of. It’s much better for the environment, and they can see to it to separate recyclable materials. You’re contributing to a healthy environment if you let the professionals deal with your junk.

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Throw your junk into the street

Sometimes, your neighborhood dumpster might be overflowing. It only seems logical to just place your trash right next to it. However, that is a huge mistake. Stray animals could rip the bag open and hurt themselves if it contains sharp objects. Should your trash include cans, they may stick their head into it to lick out food debris and get stuck in a can. If you disposed of medications in such manner, stray animals as well and children could suffer serious health consequences. Never forget the possibility of rioters passing by your trash bags. They could throw the trash bags around and everything you neatly collected in your trash bag gets scattered in your neighborhood if they don’t set fire to it proper disposal of medicine.

You have no choice but to better keep your trash in your garage or cellar for a day or two until the dumpster has been emptied. Only if others irresponsibly place their trash bags next to the dumpster doesn’t make it ok.

Place your junk at the roadside

Did you have a major cleanout of your house and called the junk removers to collect an old sofa, furniture, and lamps? As it’s illegal in some areas, it’d be a good idea to check with local authorities first if it’s allowed to place your junk in front of your house until collection day.

Once you’ve cleared that up, be careful not to put all your junk outside until a day before it’s collected. While some people love to browse thrown out items and take them away to make use of them, some may spontaneously decide to clear out their house as well. Instead of scheduling a junk removal themselves, they’ll just add it to your pile. If your junk pile ends up being more than what you agreed upon with the junk removers, you may end up having to pay extra for items that weren’t yours.

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Should it be illegal to temporarily put your junk in front of your house, call a professional junk removal? They’ll take out any waste from your home without leaving a single stain.

Rent a dumpster

For larger projects, such as a complete home remodeling and during the construction of a new home, it’s wise to rent a dumpster from your junk removal. You’ll have one neat spot which contains all your junk instead of having it distributed all across your property. However, you should be careful if the dumpster you rent is the correct size. Most people rent a smaller dumpster than they actually need as they try to save money or underestimate their project waste. Renting an additional one will result in higher costs. Better be on the safe side and rent a larger dumpster than you imagine. Large dumpsters usually are cheaper in comparison to one or two small ones.

Make sure you place the dumpster at a convenient spot to avoid blocking access to your property or damage your precious flower beds.

You can avoid all common mistakes

It is absolutely in your hands to be a responsible citizen and get rid of your junk like a grown-up. That also includes taking care of hazardous materials that aren’t supposed to end up in any regular dumpster, such as electronics, paint, propane gas tanks, batteries, petrol, and alike. If you’re uncertain whether some of your items require hazardous waste disposal, ring your local junk removal, such as Jiffy Junk. Engaging a junk removal company may involve some costs, but it is by far cheaper as if you had to pay thousands of dollars for a fine. And it keeps you from accidentally causing severe catastrophes for which you could lose the roof above your head or even cause the next wildfire.


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