Common Tips for Making Your Building More Energy Efficient


When you run a business, making your building more energy-efficient saves money and steps up your game in going green. Nowadays, smart tech is the ace up our sleeve for boosting a building’s energy efficiency. Dive into smart technology. You’ll find out quickly that it’s your secret weapon for ramping up energy efficiency and keeping those utility costs in check. Consider these common tips for creating a more efficient building.

Embrace Smart Lighting Systems

Upgrade to smart lighting solutions equipped with occupancy sensors and programmable features. This smart tech kicks in to light up spaces only when it’s necessary, slashing energy waste like a pro.

Invest in Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

Upgrade your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to energy-efficient models. Smart HVAC tech tunes into how we live, tweaking the temp for both chill vibes and less energy burn. Another way to save up to 20% on heating energy is to install cellular shades. According to the Department of Energy, up to 15% is saved on total energy from heating and cooling compared to scenarios without any shades.

Utilize Programmable Thermostats

Install programmable thermostats to regulate indoor temperatures based on occupancy schedules. Sealing those pesky gaps and beefing up insulation not only ramps up our comfort levels but also slashes energy bills, especially when the place is empty.

Seal Gaps and Insulate

Leverage modern insulation technologies to seal gaps and insulate your building effectively. Sealing gaps and properly insulating buildings substantially reduce heat transfer and energy costs. Considering a metal building could be a smart move, especially when you factor in the energy savings from its ability to keep heat transfer at bay. Metal Construction News states that in 2021, metal building construction increased by 12.9%.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Upgrade to energy-efficient windows with low-emissivity coatings and multiple panes. These energy-efficient windows with special coatings and multiple panes help cut way down on heating and cooling costs. Neeeco shares that heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.

Harness Solar Energy

Harnessing solar power could cut costs over time. If you’re keen on eco-friendly upgrades, look into installing solar panels to capture the sun’s renewable power for your building. Solar power can now work well to green up parts of your facilities.

Implement Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Deploy BAS to centralize control over various building systems, including lighting, HVAC, and security. By tweaking systems on the fly to match who’s around and what the weather’s doing, automation smartly cuts down on energy waste.

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances

Replace outdated appliances with Energy Star-rated alternatives. Opting for Energy Star-rated appliances means you get the double win of cutting down on energy use while still enjoying peak performance.

Integrate Smart Building Management Platforms

Utilize smart building management platforms that provide real-time data on energy consumption and system performance. These platforms let you call the shots on energy-saving moves with all the right info at your fingertips.

Opt for Energy-Efficient Roofing

Choose cool roofing materials that reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat. By choosing materials that bounce back sunlight and suck in less heat, we cut down on the need to crank up the AC. Taking this step helps your business save energy and cash.

Although installing energy-efficient roofing and building systems requires upfront costs, businesses stand to benefit from long-term savings through reduced energy bills. Embracing smart tech, like energy-saving lights and automated systems, turns your place into a green powerhouse without busting the budget. So, adopting these improvements can help your business prosper in an energy-efficient setting.


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