Competing the discs in the wintry lands of tomorrow

Competing the discs in the wintry lands of tomorrow
Competing the discs in the wintry lands of tomorrow

Tomorrow land is a festival of dance and music happens in the town of boom Belgium. This festival provides the stage and opportunity for all the music lovers all over the world to perform and have an entry pass to the world of music and dance industries.

Tomorrowland is held as the most popular show and one of the largest all over the world. It has arranged many shows in the world providing a platform for all the young and crazy music lovers to fulfill their dreams and wishes. Tomorrowland musical contest has been the most popular among the music lovers.

Every time Tomorrowland brings an exciting surprise for its fans and all the music lovers. This time one of the partners of Tomorrowland like Riffx has provided an opportunity for the french DJs to be the show opener of the festival.

The contest will help the skill house; french touch DJs and all electro-pops to perform on the night of 17th March 2020. Inter-Twisting land for contestants, this innovative contest rules is simple and will be open for the semi-professional and the amateur french DJs. the rule says that the aspirant of the tomorrow land winter needs to be a resident of the french and should to be able to entertain the live audience for about one hour.

Competing the discs in the wintry lands of tomorrow
Competing the discs in the wintry lands of tomorrow

The aspirant needs to submit two mixes of them before the contest and should have an account with tomorrow’s foundation. After the submission, the contest participants will be finalized based on their talent one of the mixes will be posted on the contest page and the concerned profile within forty-eight hours.

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It is very important to make sure that not all the mixes will be posted but the best among them will be posted. The selection of the mixes will be done with the help of the voting procedure but the final decision will rest upon the jury of hardworking organizers of the festivals.

The DJ who will be able to secure the 1st position in the contest will get the opportunity to perform in the live contest on Tuesday evening, which is on the stage called the garden of madness.


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