Competitive Intelligence, NetBase Quid and Essential Devices

Competitive Intelligence

All About Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is a modern subject that’s pretty easy to grasp. This form of intelligence, in a nutshell, entails the gathering and assessment of pertinent details that come from numerous different sources. If a company moves forward with competitive intelligence, then it can evaluate data that relates to its business setting, field and rivals in general. It can be helpful to driven businesses that want to come up with tangible online marketing plans. It can be helpful to those that want to pinpoint openings that may help them get ahead as well. 

Tools for Competitive Intelligence

There are an abundance of competitive intelligence tools and market intelligence tools on hand to hard-working businesses in this day and age. These tools in many cases do not cost a cent. If you’re at the helm of a business, then you should compare all of these devices and their accessible features. Some examples of rock-solid competitive intelligence devices out there are Similarweb, Talkwalker, Google Alerts and, last but definitely not least, Crunchbase. There are quite a few.

Similarweb can be a smart device choice for businesses that want to be able to analyze site performance in conjunction with rivals. If you’re searching for ways to optimize your site, then using Similarweb may be a big help to you. This tool can help businesses figure out performance matters that involve their rival sites. If you want to find out if your biggest rival gets more daily traffic than you do, the assistance of Similarweb can be priceless. 

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Talkwalker is a lot like Google Alerts in that it can be beneficial for businesses that want to find out about brand new developments that are associated with their rivals and their activities. If you want to stay on top of social media dialogue that involves your business, Talkwalker can easily help you do so. It can make tracking a task that’s a lot more streamlined. If you want to receive email notifications that relate to all kinds of relevant search items, Talkwalker may be a big asset to you.

Google Alerts 

Google Alerts can be a lifesaver for any and all businesses that want to see to it that they receive all news items that pertain to their fields and rivals. It can even help businesses that want to stay on top of news items that seem relatively inconsequential. If you want to supervise news developments like a champion, this beloved device can get you on the right path. If you want to be in the loop regarding marketing crazes, it can help you dramatically.


Crunchbase gives companies of all kinds access to speedy summaries that involve their rivals. It can give companies details that relate to topics such as investments and stock crazes. If you want to be “in the know” about a rival and its funding approaches, Crunchbase can assist you. It depends on all kinds of information sources nowadays. It can be utilized in conjunction with various different devices out there. The previously mentioned Similarweb is one big one. Businesses that are eager to stay on top of details that involve marketing placement often make the decision to take advantage of Crunchbase and its plentiful features. 

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If you want to select a platform that can work well for your business, you should request recommendations from trustworthy companies that are in your field.

Netbase Quid is the merging of Netbase and Quid. Netbase is a widely known company that puts time into social media analytics and its choices. Quid is a well-known company that is centered around text analytics and artificial intelligence and competitive intelligence advancements.


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