Construction Simulator 2 is coming to Switch, Details Inside


Construction Simulator 2 is coming to Switch

Weltenbauer has announced the release date and price for Construction Simulation 2. It is to release on 6th November 2019 and its price is $19.99. The pre-order of the game can help the users land a discount of 10%.

This game can be played on Switch. It has over 40 licensed heavy machinery. There are around 60 challenging tasks such as excavation, building wrecking, road refurbishment and many more.

It is like “Bob the Builder” but in a game where players are behind the control and working on a construction site.

Construction Simulator 2 is coming to Switch, Details Inside
Construction Simulator 2 is coming to Switch, Details Inside

The machines in the game are the original and renowned machines that are faithfully recreated. The construction video game is realistic and is kind of a dream come true.

Growing up, all the children had a desire to operate a heavy construction vehicle. Construction Simulation 2 makes that dream come true.

This game was released on phones and tablets and now it is coming to Nintendo Switch. This has the players in great excitement to play the game on Switch.

Construction Simulator was first launched back in 2015. The game would begin with a tutorial where the users would learn about machine handling.

As the game progressed, the users would be able to construct whatever contract they accepted.

The Nintendo Switch is made by Nintendo. It is a hybrid console. It is portable as well as a stationary device. Nintendo Switch offers online gaming with internet connectivity.

It can support local multiplayer. It can be held as a home console gamepad or in the hand like Wii.

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Games as like these help develop the building skill and also understand how it all works. Users might not know all the details but they will surely know how work takes place at a construction site or how to handle a machine etc.


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