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Any modern customer care team must have contact center Quality Assurance (QA) software. The days of difficult Quality Assurance (QA) worksheets are over. Teams that want to improve the quality of their services are exchanging them for CRM integrated software.

Providing high-quality service has never been more crucial given how brightly the consumer service sector is being lighted. To gain a competitive edge, contact center teams are currently spending more money than ever on Quality Assurance (QA) software. There are numerous solutions for quality assurance software, but each team has its own set of standards for quality.

For contact centers, quality assurance software is crucial since it enables managers to monitor agent performance and highlight areas for improvement. Software for quality assurance provides quick feedback to the staff so they can enhance their customer service abilities. Software for quality assurance aids contact centers in boosting department productivity.

The proper quality assurance software can be a huge advantage to your company and aid in the development of your customer care procedures. Find the best quality assurance software for your business by doing some research and taking your time. 

Importance of Quality Assurance in Contact Center Software:

Software for contact centers provides the ability to emphasize quality control because it is crucial for any organization to check the software’s quality in the beginning.

The contact center places a high value on quality assurance since it can change performance and improve customer satisfaction. Quality Assurance is a continuous procedure that helps in your knowledge of the suffering and distress of clients.

An organization will see benefits such as improved customer service, engaged better-performing staff, increased customer retention, and more when establishing an effective quality assurance program.

Some of the Contact Center Quality Assurance Software’s are discussed below:

i)Verint Automated Quality Management



iv)Stella Connect

v)Leaptree Optimize

vi)Calabrio ONE

vii)VQ Online


i)Verint Automated Quality Management:

A cloud-based automated quality assurance tool called Verint Automated Quality Management (AQM) finds issues, evaluates results, and offers analytics and insights. To give your team access to back-office operations, this program enables users to handle document verification, compliance tracking, and configurable reporting, provide coaching for text and voice interactions, and review calls. 


The most complete, interactive, and intelligent agent optimization software suite including Quality Assurance, Performance Management, Coaching, Learning, and Agent Motivation is provided by Playvox to modern organizations and business process optimization. Our automated and centralized solutions interface with your current systems and give your agents, team leaders, quality assurance analysts, and managers the resources and real-time intelligence they need to immediately enhance customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

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evaluated is a quality assurance tool for coaching and evaluating customer care representatives. Customer feedback and agent performance statistics are combined in this system. For all client calls, emails, and chat sessions, it offers automated scoring. Customer surveys, automated word queues, assessments, e-learning, reporting, analytics, and more are all available with EvaluAgent. It can be integrated with already-in-use solutions like CRM phone systems, ticket management programs, and others. Teams can create scorecards for various channels, send team members real-time warnings, record each meeting, and more with the help of these tools. Using the EvaluAgent platform, agents can evaluate, playback, comment, and score talks. This technology uses audio and text analytics to categorize conversations and identify phrases that are distinctive to the business world. To guarantee that industry standards are maintained, automated compliance checks may be included in call scoring.

iv)Stella Connect:

Stella Connect is the first platform that integrates coaching, quality assurance, and customer feedback, providing customer experience leaders with insight into team performance and encouraging front-line team improvement. Whether your service center is internal, external, remote, co-located, or you use business process outsourcing, gain visibility into performance and quickly acquire data to understand how your entire service company is functioning. No matter where they sit, motivate and engage your team since performance is intimately connected to employee engagement. Stella Connect aids in improving the agent experience by assisting you in better understanding the driving forces behind your top performers. Additionally, agents have immediate access to their current consumer feedback, which inspires them. Your front-line team’s performance and efficiency are improved with the aid of Stella Connect.

Stella Connect links coaching, quality control, and customer feedback on a single, user-friendly platform. As a result, companies can do away with point solutions and save time and effort when it comes to managing and coaching an agent team.

v)Leaptree Optimize:

Leaptree Optimize is designed from the bottom up to address the demand for world-class quality assurance of sales, support, and service teams using Salesforce in a consistent, cost-effective manner. It enables managers to automatically generate KPIs and scorecards for each task, such as taking calls, updating records, and setting up follow-ups. You may put in place a reliable quality control procedure with Leaptree Optimize. Because Leaptree Optimize was developed on the Salesforce platform, every activity can be rated against a common set of guidelines.

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Without assistance from programmers or IT support, business managers and agents can configure and modify scorecards. Real-time dashboards give managers quick access to current quality ratings, enabling them to track quality across teams or organizations, explore problem areas, and take necessary action. Leaptree Optimize will have very reasonable pricing and be available exclusively to managers of customer experience quality assurance.

vi)Calabrio ONE:

Calabrio ONE offers the information you require to enhance the client and agent experience in your contact center and is simple to use and personalize. Calabrio ONE’s seamlessly integrated analytics tools boost contact center staff optimization. Call recording, quality assurance, workforce management, and voice of the customer analytics are all combined into one completely integrated software suite to help businesses focus on their consumers. The data collected daily in the contact center may be simply analyzed and used by business users from all backgrounds to boost product innovation, protect your brand, and raise customer happiness.

You can look for cutting-edge solutions that are powering best practices for revolutionary workforce optimization at some of the most tearing contact centers. Additionally, you may choose a reliable partner for workforce optimization solutions that can assist you in making the most of these technologies and achieving the outcomes that matter most for your company.

vii)VQ Online:

To optimize the knowledge gained to produce even higher results and free up valuable quality assurance analysts’ time, VQ Online streamlines the quality assurance process across channels and departments.

Large, multi-site, multi-channel centers with internal or external quality assurance functions that need a system for managing the quality assurance process or want to increase or unify quality assurance results across all channels should consider using VQ Online. Small, single-site centers that know they need more but are currently employing spreadsheets or other simple scoring methods.


Scorebuddy is a cloud-based quality assurance technology that analyses multi-channel consumer interactions in contact centers to monitor and improve worker performance. Scorebuddy assists agents in being more consistent and engaged, which enhances the overall client experience. Scorebuddy is made to quickly and precisely collect data, store it centrally for agent collaboration, and produce immediate analysis and reporting.


Businesses that want to evaluate the effectiveness of their customer service operations need contact center quality assurance software.

Tools for contact center quality assurance can be used by contact centers and in-house customer care teams to track department productivity, evaluate agent performance, give timely feedback to staff members, and boost agent engagement.

Today’s organizations need quality assurance more than ever, and its significance will only increase.

Businesses may make sure they are giving their customers the greatest experience possible by using quality assurance software.


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