Coronavirus Increases the Demand for E-commerce

Coronavirus Increases the Demand for E-commerce

The increasing prevalence of COVID-19 increases the concern of the whole world in both the United States and the world as a whole, which directly affected the behavior of online shopping, according to the largest analysts who monitor e-commerce transactions for 80 of the world’s top 100 retailers.

COVID-19 is known to have affected the logistics and cargo services of many retailers, resulting in spikes in online shopping, as a direct response to concern about the virus.

According to a statement by some economists, some corona virus-related products such as antiseptics, face masks, toilet paper, and other related products have run out of stores. It has been a major driver of online shopping right now. In addition to the fact that many people avoid being in large gatherings and public places, as one of the serious behaviors to protect against infection with the Coronavirus.

However, what are the goods that people buy online, and that boom has increased the size of online shopping?

Online shopping boom to protect against COVID-19

Governments and medical professionals encourage people in every country in the world to keep hands clean and away from the face. Ecommerce purchases of antivirus products such as hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, and anti-bacterial sprays have increased, and the increase has reached 817%, according to Adobe’s analysis.

On the other hand, the scarcity of products related to the prevention of coronavirus has made the prices of those products rise sharply, therefore, goods sold online are sold at their original prices without any impact on the increase made by merchants to take advantage of the current circumstance.

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With countries now setting travel restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19, many consumers are storing over-the-counter medicines, as a precaution in case they are infected with the virus, and quarantine themselves. Reports for the analysis of e-commerce transactions revealed that purchases of cold, cough and flu products increased by 198%, while pain relievers increased by 152%.

The report also revealed that purchases of non-perishable foodstuffs such as canned rice, pasta, etc. have increased by nearly 60%.

Analysts have explained that the boom of e-shopping in the period of the spread of the Coronavirus must be matched by the willingness of e-stores and traditional stores alike to enhance their capabilities in the field of e-shopping, and the development of their ability to communicate through applications, means of electronic payment, in addition to expansion In the ways of delivering goods to consumers.

In the Middle East, e-shopping platforms were present to this increase in the demand of people to e-shopping, especially in their firm desire to save money, which they found in Al-Mowafir, which works to group a lot of e-shopping platforms on one page, to facilitate Consumers must have access to a wide variety of electronic stores, of all specialties, whether in the field of herbs and medicinal products, groceries, or even luxury goods such as clothing, perfumes, shoes, cosmetics, and newborn care products.

Almowafir offers its visitors a compilation of all the offers and discounts announced by electronic stores, it is not necessary to visit each store separately, which makes the provider a great way to familiarize consumers with the latest discounts and offers and provides them with the discount coupons needed to save a lot of money as more purchases.

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And when using the Almowafir app for android, the application enables the user to obtain discounts news and detail it in the form of newsfeeds, and the Almowafir app issues an alert to the user about new discounts and coupons.

It is worth noting that Al-Mowafir App is a lightweight, easy to install the application that can be obtained for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.


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