Coronavirus Infection Increase in Europe and Restrains Travel to US

Coronavirus infection increase in Europe, results strict rules restraining travel from United States Of America

The countries of Europe are planning on putting a restraining order over people traveling from the United States Of America. European Union is contemplating disallowing travelers from the US in the fear of the further spread of COVID-19.

Why is the travel ban important for Europe?

The New York Times acquired a list consists of travelers who are going to able o enter into Europe without any hassles. Authorities of the European Union may put a disallowance order to countries like Russia, the United States Of America, and Brazil. These countries have failed to check the contamination of coronavirus infection.

The United States Of America has the most number of coronavirus affected victims with over 25M patients. The death toll of the country is now over 127K. Brazil’s numbers put the country on the second position now with over 1.1M cases of coronavirus and over 50K deaths. The third highest contamination is in Russia as per report with 59K infections and over 8,340 death. The health ministry of Spain released their data which said Europe had over 2.51M people got this dreadful virus.

The countries of Europe are considering different data to understand which countries are tackling this pandemic most efficiently. European Union is yet to decide the final list of countries whose people will be able to enter European countries. The lockdown of the countries in Europe will finally be relaxed after July 1, 2020.

US failed in controlling coronavirus

The United States Of America has been in a questionable situation on its way of controlling the coronavirus around their country. Authorities did not take necessary measures about the increasing number of infections in western parts as well as the southern parts of the county. The Donald Trump-led government could face embarrassment if the name of their country makes it to the list of countries that are going to be restrained from travel to European countries.

U.S government had put a restraining order at the time when coronavirus affected Europe most. Europe was the surging point of this pandemic than in March. The United States Of America claimed that it was important for them to protect their country from further contamination which might have happened from European travelers.

European Union’s both list have China as the country emerged as seemed coronavirus originated from China. There are also countries like Uganda, Vietnam, Cuba, and more places on the list. The fate of the United States Of America’s international travel scenario is yet to be declared. The travelers from the US were not allowed to European Union Countries after March though.


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