Covid Cases in India Go Over 46% of the Total Infection Rate Worldwide

Covid Cases in India Go Over 46% of the Total Infection Rate Worldwide

The latest pandemic news reveals that covid cases in India cover over 46% of the new record of infections worldwide. Moreover, one of every four people dying of covid is an Indian, according to the World Health Organization report published on Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

The rapid increase in the number of covid cases in India includes those of the highly infectious new variant found here first. As a result, hospitals and medical centers are running out of oxygen and beds. The sorrowful picture of the country shows crematoriums and morgues overflowing. Besides, there is continuous news of people dying in car parks and ambulances while waiting for oxygen and beds.

The worldwide report shows over 5.7 million new cases of infection and the death of over 93,000 people. According to WHO’s report, there are 2.6 million new cases reported from India, a 20% leap from the week before. Moreover, the death figure is around 23,231.

All of the figures mentioned above are based on official and national statistics. However, experts believe that the actual figure is higher, and many infections and deaths are not being reported. The main reason for the same is to prevent the overwhelming of the entire system considering India covers over 18% of the total population of the whole world.

What is the reason for the rise in the number of covid cases in India?

It seems that India is passing on the infection to other neighboring countries, including Sri Lanka and Nepal. While the exact covid infection figure from Sri Lanka is still unclear, Nepal witnesses an increase of 137% over the previous week’s figure. The figure last week was 31,088 in Nepal, and it is over 65,000 now.

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On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, India becomes the second country after the United States to record 20 million covid infections. The per-day rise in the number of covid cases in India is over 3,500. According to a top scientist in India, the country may witness further waves as the per-day figure is most likely to cross 4,000 very soon.

Experts are revealing that a third wave or the third phase of covid-19 is inevitable in India. However, the timescale of the same is unclear as of now. Indian PM Narendra Modi is facing severe criticism for being careless despite warnings of the second wave. His decision to allow political rallies and religious festivals has led to massive outspread of infections. A movement supporting the PM’s resignation is going viral on social media too.


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