‘Cowboy Bebop’: Netflix starts production on live-action series


Netflix has begun the production on its live-action Cowboy Bebop show

The streaming service posted the behind-the-scenes visuals on Monday starring John Cho, Daniella Pineda, Mustafa Shakir, Alex Hassell, and their corgi co-star.

The video is taken from the point of view of the corgi who will play Ein in the latest series. The dog strolls through the set before coming across Cho, Pineda, Shakir, and Hassell at a table read.

You can’t have Cowboy Bebop without the exemplary anime’s excellent corgi, and the Netflix remake is bringing Ein to the cutting edge in its first behind-the-scenes look at the production.

‘Cowboy Bebop’: Netflix starts production on live-action series
‘Cowboy Bebop’: Netflix starts production on live-action series

The western sci-fi series starts filming today, and Netflix commended the occasion with an extraordinary corgi-cam video of the behind-the-scenes production.

The corgi playing the beloved “data dog” gets to wander around the Netflix offices and drink from a unique embellished bowl while Cowboy Bebop stars John Cho, Daniella Pineda, Mustafa Shakir, and Alex Hassell grovel over it in a behind-the-scenes Cowboy Bebop first look.

Cowboy Bebop is adapted from the Japanese anime series of the same name. The show revolves around a crew of bounty hunters as they take down dangerous criminals in a world that’s largely imaginary in the future.

Shinichiro Watanabe, who made the original anime, will assist the makers as a consultant on the new show.

Netflix has brought the Cowboy Bebop to series in the month of November. Cho and Shakir were signed up to be part of the cast in April as Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, respectively. Pineda and Hassell will essay the role of Faye Valentine and Vicious respectively

Andre Nemec, Josh Appelbaum, Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg will be seen as bosses and executive producers. Alex Garcia Lopez will also make the first two episodes in the 10-episode first season.


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