Coyotes to launch Spanish-language social media accounts


Arizona Coyotes on the 20th of September announced that special social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are launched that will serve only Spanish content. These Spanish language social media accounts are run in the name of Los Yotes on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The president and CEO of the Coyotes team, Ahron Cohen in the official press release said how thrilled the team is about this all Spanish social media accounts. The team with this effort is trying to reach the Latino market by providing the Hispanic hockey with special content that will give them the off the field glimpses of the team. Cohen says this is only a first step towards growing big in the Latino Market. 

Coyotes are planning to reach and grow within the Spanish speaking Arizona hockey fans with all Spanish content in the form of photos, videos and written posts.

Coyotes to launch Spanish-language social media accounts
Coyotes to launch Spanish-language social media accounts

This new move shouldn’t seem abnormal or sudden because the Hockey team Coyotes recently got itself its first Hispanic owner, Alex Meruelo in the National Hockey League. Alex Meruelo is a Cuban American businessman who has his business spread over a long range of industries but what seems to cause the social media move is Meruelo Media that includes 5 Spanish radio stations and one television channel again Spanish Meruelo along with his family is involved in a lot of Spanish television. Thus, the desire and attempts to tap the Latino Spanish speaking market after his entry in the team shouldn’t be surprising at all.

The hockey team Arizona Coyotes will also be seen hosting ‘Noche de Los Yotes’ night on the 17th of October to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month. The team will host this even in a game against the Nashville Predators which like any other theme games will feature warm-up jerseys. Not just that but the night will be used to promote Los Yotes as well, the new social media accounts for the Spanish speaking Latino market by auditioning jerseys of ‘Los Yotes’ to go for charity. 


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