The Long, Crazy Night That I Fell In Love With CBD

Love With CBD

When I was a little girl I would spend long days on the farm, staring out into the beautiful blue nothing, and wondering what life would be like when I became a woman. That was a time long before I had discovered my love for CBD products from industry leaders CBDfx. They are the only brand I use for a number of reasons but that’s a little besides the point. I was innocent then. I only saw the good in the world because it was all I had been exposed to at that point. I was a daddy’s girl through and through, and he made sure that as long as he was around, that I would never catch a glimpse of the world’s less wholesome side. In this blog, I will be telling you about The Long, Crazy Night That I Fell In Love With CBD.

I was a little girl once, but I watched the days come and go, and before I knew it, I was getting ready for my senior prom. This was the first time I thought I was truly a woman. Prom night was my special night, and would be the one I would tell my grandchildren about and remember until the day I die. I was sweet. I was naive. I was only 23. 

The school days before prom never seemed to pass fast enough. I remember the sweat on my brow and each click of the second hand before the final minute was struck on the black and white clock that sat about a foot above Mrs.Harrelson’s head in sixth-period. I would run home just as fast as I could, and sit back at my spot on the fence, so I could stare at the sky and dream of my future, which at that point, only consisted of prom night.

The days were passing slowly, but passing. It wasn’t until two days before prom that Jamal, an eleventh-grader, but total dream-boat, worked up the courage to ask me. I was a little bit older than the other kids because I was an exceptionally gifted ferrier and my parents wanted me to work and explore my craft, so I enrolled in school later than most. I always felt I intimidated the boys, and though Jamal was definitely as nervous as I was, he was brave enough to ask me anyway. 

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I had done a little bit of modeling, but farmwork was always my passion. Jamal asked if I would like him to pick me up in a limousine or horseback. I was blown away, and being the farm girl I was at the time, I obviously chose the horse. The thought of showing up to prom on horseback with Jamal overwhelmed me everytime it decided to take over my mind. I felt as though I was in a dream and never wanted to wake up.

After months of waiting and longing for my magical night to finally arrive, it was fast approaching and I was starting to get anxious. All of the sudden the magical evening I had re-lived a thousand times in my head was becoming a nightmare. What if I can’t sleep the night before and Jamal comes to pick me up but I am still asleep? Or worse-off, what if I can’t find my dress. My dress? I had totally forgotten to get a prom dress! I had spent all of my time sitting on our old wooden fence dreaming about what prom night would be like but had made absolutely no real world preparations. The night of my dreams was on its way in real life but I had been too caught up in my dreams about my dream-night to be prepared.

Prom was in 24 hours and I was having a total melt-down. The day kept passing and I kept doing nothing. My anxiety was crippling to such an extent that I was pretending like there was no prom. I went about my day like it was any other day and did absolutely nothing to better my situation. As the sun went down I began to realize what I had gotten myself into by doing nothing all day. Now it was too late. I had ruined everything in my mind. Jamal would never take me to prom in a normal dress, and then we would never fall in love and get married and have children who sit on our old wooden fence and dream their days away.

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I called my friend Jennifer in tears. Jennifer, like the best friend she has always been, told me not to worry and to head to her house because she had something that might help me. I wasn’t sure what she meant but the prospect of any kind of help was the most appealing thing I had heard all day, and did not take much convincing. I ran out in the rain to mount Lamar, the neighbors stallion, and off I went to Jennifer’s house. The rain kept getting worse and before I knew it, I felt as if I was in a full-blown hurricane. The winds were so strong I could barely hold onto Lamar. I knew that taking Lamar bareback was not the smartest thing when it was so wet, but I was eager and wasn’t thinking clearly.

I made it to Jennifer’s house, tied Lamar to a post, and headed into the warm house. I told Jennifer how bad the rain was and said that I needed to get back soon. Jennifer handed me a CBD vape pen and reminded me that one of the times I was doing a photo shoot in Milan, they let me keep the dress that was a modern, brutalist interpretation of a prom dress. I fell off Lamar on my home but took a puff from my CBD pen and got back on. When I got home, dirty, wet and tired, I realized that the real hero of the day was in love with CBD. Now I am in love with CBD and I use CBD every day and just about every night.


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