Technology and Writing: 7 Criteria Apps You Can Use to Rate Your Essays

Criteria Apps

Crafting a perfect essay is not easy. Frequently freshmen looking for a professional essay writer to deal with their writing tasks. It requires not only writing skills, but also attention to detail, decent research, and relevant formatting. A lot of students might struggle with it but many tools and Criteria Apps can make this process much easier. Also, a set of these tools can help you when you arise with a question: who “help me with homework“?

Nowadays, different criteria and writing platforms help to master college assignments. Whether you are looking for expert advice, excellent essay samples, or software that will eliminate all grammar mistakes – there are perfect options to choose from. If you want to make sure that your essay is on top, these apps will help you rate it. They are also very useful to become a better writer in general.


This is one of the best proofreading tools out there. There are several reasons why students love it. First of all, it has a free version, which is quite enough for rating any text and eliminating grammar or spelling mistakes. Secondly, it can be used online, downloaded as a desktop app, or as a browser add-in. Grammarly is incredibly flexible and it is constantly updated.

The main functionality is, of course, proofreading all types of mistakes. But there is also a general score of the text, whether it is an essay or a research paper. It includes clarity, engagement, and readability. So you can see how well your text is written.

The premium subscription offers some advanced features. For example, you can choose the type of text, the target audience, and see how suitable your writing is for it. And there is a plagiarism checker, which is a great benefit for academic papers.

Hemingway App

Academic papers follow a particular writing style. But it doesn’t mean that your essay has to be unreadable. This easy-to-use and effective online app will help you to advance text’s readability. It is named after Ernest Hemingway who is known for his clear and straightforward wording.

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So this is exactly what the app does. It highlights all hard-to-follow sentences as well as unnecessary adverbs. It also shows a general rating of the paper’s readability. It should not be higher than 9 usually. You can edit the text in the app and get instant reevaluation.


This is an iOS app available for Mac laptops. The main idea is to make academic writing and formatting a breeze. It is by far the easiest and the most efficient way to deal with footnotes, annotations, and references. All of that formatting can be done in a few clicks. It is not only a word processing tool because it is incredibly simple to use and has an intuitive interface.

It saves a lot of time on formatting and editing according to academic style requirements.

Prepostseo Keyword Density Checker

At its core, this tool is not designed specifically for students. It is rather marketing and copywriting software. But it can be incredibly helpful if you worry that you use the same terms and words too much. The main functionality is simple. It shows the percentage of the most used words and phrases in the text. So, for example, if you tend to write the same term over and over again, the essay seems redundant and poorly made.

Generally, the most popular words in the text should not make up for more than 4% percent. And with this tool, you can eliminate redundancy and tautology. Eventually, you’ll get better at using synonyms and widening your vocabulary.

Dragon Anywhere of Criteria Apps

It is not directly a rating app, but it is a helpful tool for those who talk faster than they type. Basically, it is a perfect recourse to do your writing much faster. All you have to do is dictate the text and edit it as you go or afterward. It is easy to use and helps to work even on the go. Maybe you can voice over some ideas when there is no time to type them.

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Paper Rater of Criteria Apps

If you want to rate your essay all-in-one, this app is a perfect choice. The main features include grammar check, plagiarism analysis, and suggestions on how to make your writing better. And you’ll also get an instant score of the text according to its academic relevance. The app is AI-based and it compares the essay to the other students of the same college level.

The rating might be useful to understand what kind of grade you might get for this essay in class. And it helps to edit out all the weak sentences and to make the text better. Overall, the software is free to use and accessible. But there is a premium subscription that allows proofreading more papers and gives some extra features.

Small SEO Tools

This is yet another copywriting app that can be extremely beneficial for students. It is free to use and very convenient. One of the best features for rating your essay is a plagiarism checker. It is reliable and gives instant results. So you can make sure that your essay is completely original.

After all, plagiarism is not always an issue of copy-pasting. Quite often, it happens unconsciously. It is incredibly important to be careful with it as plagiarism is a serious offense in academia. It is a great idea to rate all your papers for originality before submitting them  – better to be safe than sorry.

There are also several other features one might like, including density and grammar checker or comma separating tool. This platform will help to polish your paper to perfection.

In Summary of Criteria Apps

Whether you choose to use all of them or just one that works best for you – these are excellent apps that make essay writing easier. They rate the text and help to eliminate any mistakes or inconsistencies in the text. Technology is a great opportunity to advance your writing, get better grades, and make it all faster.


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