Cross-Platform Applications: Reasons to Hire a Unity Game Development Company

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Game building process faces several challenges and one of them is deciding what engine to use. While the choice rushes mainly between Unity, Unreal, and GameMaker, we’d like to dedicate this article to the first tool and now we’ll tell you why. 

Unity helps developers to produce high-quality products quickly, according to the world’s best standards using a storehouse of ready-to-apply features and assets. The engine smoothly integrates with third-party applications and is easy to learn and access for beginners. But let’s dive deeper into the topic and determine reasons to consider the Unity tool.

What Is the Unity Engine?

When it comes to a suitable environment for game production around 61% of companies select Unity, as the most affordable, flexible, and efficient solution. It provides free access to libraries, assets, and other tools that can be applied and easily used for small and medium business needs. Regarding large corporate goals, Unity has additional features for paid subscription plans. 

Although some users doubt the high quality of mobile apps based on Unity, the reason lies more in the lack of expert skills during the production process than in the engine imperfection. The platform can refer to those tools which are simple to learn but hard to implement. That’s why turning to Unity game development company with more experienced IT specialists can help you to avoid pitfalls and gain more quality for your project.

The list of tasks this tool can be applied for is pretty impressive:

  • classic games suitable for any platform;
  • virtual reality environment;
  • 3D visualization;
  • animated movies and special effects.

Unity is extremely fast and agile, allowing programmers to create reliable apps with simple code in a much shorter time than with other engines.

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Why Is Unity a Good Solution?

To begin with, the tool fits multiple platforms, enabling developers to compile codebases for Android and iOs, Linux, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. Unity games have excellent loading and running speeds on various web platforms, mobile gadgets, desktop PCs, and consoles.

The tool works primarily with C# and other languages, like Java, Python, and C++, from libraries. Manuals and problem solutions can be found in documentation and platforms like GitHub or Bitbucket.

The Unity engine is constantly upgrading, and each new version has a set of useful and unique features for programmers, technical artists, and network experts. The tool opens access to ready-made solutions and services for mastering, running, and moderating games. 

One of the features differentiating Unity from other engines is visual scripting. It allows specialists with low technical skills to create logic without writing code by themselves. Although the performance of this method is lower than with C#, the concept is currently improving to ensure better results.

Unity is great for making app prototypes. The process is maintained in a short time without the need of creating an architecture. This feature is used for testing some functionality of VR applications right on the device it is written for. 

Main Benefits of the Unity Engine

Do you think of creating a successful 2D game, like Hitman sniper, which will be popular among players over several decades? Then it’s time to search for an expert approach and find a reliable Unity development company like Stepico. Experts with extensive experience in producing multiplayer games there will implement your project following the best industry standards and users’ expectations. 

The main benefits of choosing Unity are the following:

  • It is packed with all the commonly used features for producing 2G games. And they can be applied absolutely for free. If you require advanced functionality for an outstanding game and can afford additional investments, then a paid Pro version will help you to solve an issue.
  • The engine allows specialists not only to use ready-made solutions but also to build their own tools. If you are developing a complex long game or a quick and simple one, you can still find all the crucial assets and customize them.
  • The tool is compatible with the .NET platform. What does it mean for developers? They can use an open-source service to test whether newly created applications can perform well regardless of different hardware configurations.
  • Asset Store. Besides built-in and customizable functionality, Unity has a special platform where every coder can share their assets to solve various programming issues. You can take them for free or pay an average sum (in some cases) and apply them to your own project. Anything you need to make the game realistic and eye-catching, like textures or sculpting features, can be copied from the store and modified for individual needs.
  • Unity is widely applied not only for two-dimensional games but also for building AR/VR applications. It has game-oriented tools for performing rendering, 3D scenes, and graphics that make it perfect for creating highly interactive environments.
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You may wonder why you need expert help from game development companies if everything is described as easy to find and implement. The answer is simple – as Unity professionals have been working with the tool for a long time, knowing the development process and tricks from top to bottom. They have already successfully implemented and are still maintaining a lot of similar projects. Moreover, experts can deal with the task faster, saving you money and time, providing testing on any stage of the game production, and technically demanding solutions. As a result, you receive a superior and responsive Unity game without bugs and outdates, ready for timely updatings and integrating extra features if required.


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